Friday, July 22, 2011

A little Q & A

Wade and I were playing a word association game. I would name a state and he would say what came to hos mind.

Me: Hawaii
Wade: palm trees

Me: California
Wade: roads

Me: Idaho
Wade: potatoes

Me: Colorado
Wade: rivers

Me: Washington
Wade: rain

Me: Kansas
Wade: frying pans
"I don't know why", he said... "That's just what I thought of."

I love this kid.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A little worried

Aspen is a bit nervous about the whole "someone might buy our house" thing. She is afraid of leaving all her things for someone else to play with...

So... To prevent that from happening, she has gone around the house over the course of several days and filled her bags and purses with her favorite things.  They go with us each time we go anywhere...just in case.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mica... found

Hayden is more of a dog dude than he is a cat lover.  So I had to be sneaky in acquiring this lovely feline about 4 years ago.  I had a student that brought a kitty to school in the hopes that I would adopt it.  It was so cute, and I knew I'd have an uphill battle getting Hayden to be willing to take her on.

Did you know if you supposedly find a cat hiding in the garage, there is no return to sender possible  :)  So Mica stayed (named after one of my students)... finally becoming more comfortable with us that she was able to leave the hiding spot in the basement and sleep on my feet each night and sit on Hayd's lap on the couch.  Even so comfortable that she was able to sneak out of the house once in awhile for a few hours.

The other night, a few hours turned into a few days... which turned into picking her up from the animal shelter.  We debated on not claiming her when the tab was $95 for her release.  She looked so afraid.  We brought her home, she was shedding like crazy and irritable and afraid.  Aspen, however, was elated to have her back.  She has been dragging her around the house since her return.  Mica has hardly left my bed.  We are glad to have her back.

She is not leaving the house.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 15: Action (and wish fulfilled)

It has been a good year or so since we have told her she wasn't tall enough to ride the roller coaster, so she has been eating food (bribery on our part) and measuring herself waiting for the day she was tall enough to ride.  Thank heavens for short height requirements at the local carnivals.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 14: someone I love

It has been fun to watch these two become such good buddies this past month.  Brenden is gone for the summer, so they have had to kinda rely on each other for entertainment.  She thinks he walks on water.  I think I love them both so much.  This truly has been the BEST summer that I can remember.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mt Olympus and Y mountain

Wade's love language is "time spent together", but getting him out of the house to do something is nearly impossible. While Aspen was out of town on Wednesday visiting her grandma, I dragged Wade out for a hike.
Well... Let me restate that.
I drove to the hiking location, and he drug my old body up the mountain. 
Whomever said that if you can run X amount of miles, you surely can hike.... was sorely mistaken.

My friend John suggested a few hikes for us and then asked if I was tough enough to take on Mount Olympus.  Yeah, I wish he wouldn't have said that because my ego had to prove that I COULD do it.  
Dumb ego.
You are so grounded for next hike.
I was dying by mile 1, and was really hurting by mile 2.5.  The last big .25 mile climb to the top, we passed on because we were dead tired, and it looked very intimidating (and we were basically out of water) and because I am old and wussy.

The trip down should have been much easier than going up, but considering I wore my barefoot shoes, it was NOT GOOD.  Going up, my foot hit the ground on my pads of my feet, using mostly toes to climb.  Going down, my toes were pushed into the front sections of my toe shoes because of the incline, and rocks would hit my heels and arch of my foot.  I counted 8 blisters when I got home.  My heels still feel bruised 10 days later.  I haven't put on my toe shoes since I have been home, but plan on running in them tomorrow.
 As a solution to our little water problem, we found a spring coming out of the side of the mountain on our way back down.  I could hear grandpa Frank cautioning us as the the many ill effects we would suffer from drinking it, but figured water coming directly from the mountain had to be just about as filtered as you could get.  So far, there have been no side effects.  So there Grandpa!!
Last week, in order to make myself feel less wussy, I planned an easier hike for the both of us.  Aspen went to visit Emily (sitter), and Wade and I hiked to Y mountain.  Yeah, yeah... I know... Y mountain is a BYU thing.  The view was worth all the crap I had to take for it from my fellow Utah/USU fans.  The morning was cool, the path was wide but steep, and it wasn't very long.  I think Wade has caught my vision (finally) with this whole hiking thing.  I have only been bugging him to go hiking with me now for 4 years.  We are hoping to get in the big Mount Timpanogas climb before summer ends.  It will be an all day event, with a round trip total of 15 miles.

I won't be wearing my barefoot shoes.

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