Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Denver... day 2

SWEET sweet day... Sweet night... sweet trip

It began with a great run in the cool little gym the hotel had, breakfast, then out to play.  Most things were closed before 11am, so we bought a ticket for the mass transit line and rode for a bit to have a little "tour" of the outskirts of Denver.  The weather cooperated (apparently all the bad weather that day was back in Utah), and we drove down East Colfax for lunch.

I haven't been in Denver for almost 5 years when I drove in for a Bronco's game with Brenden. It is a great sports town, and we couldn't go to Denver without making the rounds to see the sports venues in the area.
AND to see this guy:

About two years ago the Bacon Brothers (yes... that would be Mr. Footloose, himself) were in town and we found out AFTER the fact.  I originally thought it was a joke.  Kevin Bacon... in a BAND???  So we downloaded a few tunes and fell in LOVE with their stuff.  Our entire Denver surprise weekend centered around the fact that they were touring again, and the close as they came to Utah was Denver.  

The concert was great.  We were right up front in a very small venue.  He is still qualifies as HOT in my "old lady" version of good looking.  I definitely felt my age today when I shared some of my awesome pictures with my students and they had NO IDEA who it even was.  Amateurs.

Denver... day 1

Ok, Hayden ROCKS!!!  Saturday morning he informed me we WEREN'T driving anywhere... we FLEW to Denver, rented a car, and stayed in an AWESOME room in downtown Denver.  It's a cool city.  Lots of old architecture, cool central downtown area, and an awesome room (complete with a fireplace).

We found out Bill Cosby was in town for the night... YEAH.  I have wanted to see him since I was little.  He reminds me so much of my Grandpa Roy, both in his mannerisms and in his humor.  The show was sold out but we managed to find two seats (not together) for the 8pm show.  It was two and a half hours of PURE humor.  Loved it.  LOVED IT.  LOVED IT!

The performing arts center in Denver is incredible.  Smash about 5 concert halls together with some incredible architecture and you have what Denver has.

The weather cooperated NICELY, and we didn't even need our winter coats we brought along.
I can't say enough for Hayden and his ingenuity.  He had me guessing about our destination up until the morning we left.

Day 2 coming later

Saturday, March 28, 2009

destination is....

not much time to write... Hayden's surprise TRIP is:  we are flying to Denver, staying at a totally cool hotel a block from the Hard Rock, and going to see Bacon Brothers (yes, that would be Kevin Bacon & his brother).  He just told me (so that I can get through airport security without bringing my 1/2 gallon of hairspray).  I'm psyched!!!  More later.  Gotta PACK!  Plane leaves in 3 hours.

Friday, March 27, 2009

shoe thing

We are in trouble... 

All females seem to have a shoe thing, and end up having a fair amount more stashed in their closet than their male counterparts.  However, most don't start at the age of 20 months to accumulate them.  

Aspen LOVES shoes: hers, mine, Hayd's and anyone else that leaves theirs around.  If they have really cool sparkly beads on them, light up, or make clip-clopping noises they are even better.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

first name basis

Einstein Bagels (E.B.) and I... we're buds.   We have been for awhile, but only recently have we started seeing each other on "the side".  Hayden introduced us back when he and I met, and eventually Hayd and I had a weekend tradition of taking the paper and going to Einstein's for some kick back time.  WELL... I figured out something about a month ago.  If I do some of my reading, school work, or grading while sitting alone at E.B. it is amazing how much I am able to get done.  No students interrupting, no phones to answer, no laundry to do.  So you could say I've become somewhat of a regular at E.B.  How do I know this?  Lets just say that most of the workers in the morning and I are now on a first name basis, and I've had my share of beverages "0n the house".  Just hoping Hayden doesn't find out about the extent of my other love and put a stop to it.  I still love you too Hayd!

Monday, March 23, 2009

duct tape

There is no such thing as surprising me.  Period.  I would find out what Christmas gifts were coming when I was a child by either peeking in all of my mothers' hiding places til I found the goods, or very carefully disecting the tape from the gifts under the tree to see what was inside.  I think my mother figured this one out eventually because my Christmas gifts started being put under the tree wrapped with duct tape.  Tricky mom.

Well... Hayden is planning a surprise for this weekend and it is KILLING me to not know what it is.  

This is what I know...
  • we are driving to our destination.
  • it is not Vegas, or Jackson Hole
  • it has a fireplace in our room
  • Aspen gets to go play with grandma for the weekend.

Thats about it.  Is it driving me crazy?  Yeah!!  Am I excited?  You betcha.  

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a 2 year old tantrum! Able to leap out of a crib in a single bound!"

"Look! Up on the table!"
"It's a bird!"
"It's a plane!"
"It's Super-Aspen!"

"Yes, it's Super-Aspen - strange visitor from another planet who came to Earth with stubbornness and adorability far beyond those of mortal men. Super-Aspen - defender of her dog Fred and her SLIDE... champion of snacks before dinner, valiant, courageous fighter against the enforcers of TIME-OUTS and vegetables, who, disguised as Aspen Rose, mild-mannered toddler, fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice and the ASPEN way.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

baby no more

Caught a few pictures of Aspen at the park this weekend, and it wasn't until I got them onto my computer that it amazed me how she looks like a little GIRL, not as my BABY.  Time goes too fast.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Wade's birthday lunch was at Tucanos in Provo.  We love this place.  The garlic sirloin is to die for, and the Brazilian lemonade is great.  Aspen is a meat eater, so this was right up her alley.

Glad we could introduce Hayden's parents and sister's family to one of our favorite places.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

life with an (almost) 2 year old

Somehow I don't remember running this much (and I don't mean GOING for a run, like I run for exercise)

I'm talking about chasing... cleaning... re-cleaning... wiping... re-wiping.
this girl MOVES... constantly...
and I LOVE IT!

She drags me along with her to:
  • play @ the park
  • jump on the tramp
  • play house with her babies
  • ride the tricycle
  • READ ~ READ ~ READ ~ (this one can be done 24/7!)
  • watch Veggie-tales or Sesame Street
  • push her Tonka dump truck everywhere
  • draw ~ DRAW ~ draw... (hopefully not on the reading books)
I smell her hair... taking in the last of the BABY smell.  I rub lotion on her legs each night, sadly noticing her baby soft skin is turning into toddler rough knees.  

I am running... 
but I'm soaking up the last rays of her baby-hood along the way.


Sometimes not having much notice that things are going to happen, is the best way to enjoy them.  

My sister called one morning and said she was thinking of coming into town with a relative and wondered if staying for the night might be possible.  SWEET!  Aspen thinks she is an only child, so she would love it, and I have been trying to hook up with my sister for MONTHS to swap music and computer stuff.
The kids had a blast.  Aspen was not ready to be dragged off to bed, even when it was 2 hours past bedtime.  Jo & I got MOST of the music swapped that we wanted to (hey... it takes a long time to go through 4000 songs)... and it ended up a fun little visit.

THanks Jolona for the last minute surprise.  

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


If a picture is worth a thousand words... this one says ALOT!

Dad spoiled Aspen (again) and bought her Oreo Cakesters last trip to the store... she SHOVED the entire thing into her mouth, so she could start on the second.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wade is 13! HAPPY Birthday!!

Wade... You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...

From the day you were born I've loved hanging out together.  You and I used to lay in bed together reading books and telling stories when you were just old enough to walk.  You are always such a happy smiling kid.  

Love YOU buddy!

You are amazing!  A good cook, a great scientist, you kick my butt in ANY video game, awesome violin player, and I still love watching movies and hanging out on the couch with you (and you get major points for putting up with MAMA MIA for the entire movie!)

Love you - welcome to the dreaded TEENAGE years!  Just be nice to your parents over the next seven years.

I love you as many sands on the beach in Cozumel!
From, Mom & Hayd & Aspen

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I had a big black lab follow me home from a run three weeks ago.  After a week of babysitting him, we found his owners on ksl classifieds, and they were VERY excited to see each other again.  We were sad to see him go.  Aspen loved lying on the floor and cuddling with him.  Wade started calling him HIS dog and was trying to teach him tricks on the same day the owners came to pick him up.

SO... Monday is Wade's birthday... and look who we found for Wade.

TOBY!  He doesn't lay still enough for Aspen to cuddle with him yet, but he plays a great game of fetch, and Wade can officially call him HIS DOG

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have never had a kid at this age who loves to take a bath as much as Aspen does.  I don't have to ask twice to get her in the tub.  With the mention of the word "BATH" she runs into the bathroom and gets in the tub.  Clothes and all.  This isn't a problem unless I have already started filling the tub.

There are definitely bath-time favorites.  Her two fish she has had since she was old enough to take a bath, and are still her must haves.  She gets in when the water is warm, plays in the bubbles by blowing them off of her hands.... until there are no bubbles left in the tub to blow.  Even when the water has started turning cold it is a chore to get her out.  With the tub already drained, and a warm towel waiting, I have to climb in and grab her.

She is growing up so fast.  Hayden has worked late this week almost every day, so waiting by the door for him to pull up to the house hasn't happened this week. Hayden lets me know when he is almost home, so I say to Aspen:  "Where is DAD?  Run, run".  She runs to the front door and looks out waiting for him to pull up.  This week... every afternoon, about the time he usually gets home, she will say "DAD? run! run!".  I have to tell her... NO, no dad yet.    

She and Hayden will both be glad when the weekend gets here!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy 16 Brenden!!!!

What a fast 16 years.  Happy Birthday Brenden... we have had alot of fun!  I love you.  

You are my adventure seeker.  First grandkid on the kneeboard at Lake Powell, riding the ATV at the cabin, snowboarding for the 1st time with Hayden, and your most recent adventure... scaring the crap out of your mom when she LETS you drive.

Brenden you ROCK!

For as much harassment as you give your little brother, you are one of the most tender hearted people I know.  You always have been.  I admire your drive, your friendly personality, and I love spending time with you.

Happy Birthday Buddy!
Love Mom & Hayd

Friday, March 6, 2009

roundball ruckus

What is it about a silly basketball game that makes me start planning for it a month in advance?  Is it the actual game or is it the opportunity to talk smack with my students for the entire week before the game?  

I get so stoked for the game that it even started creeping into my dreams this week.  I dreamt my family and I were in Hawaii, and we were planning on staying for a week or so, and I was in HAWAII trying to figure out how to find an early flight home so I didn't have to miss the game.  Ok... that's crazy!  Two years ago at this time I was 7 months pregnant with Aspen and, of course, played.  

When the highlight of the school year is getting out on the floor and playing ball, that means I either need to get out more often... or that I'm SLIGHTLY competitive.  Either way... today was fun, and I officially have license to talk smack for at least the rest of March.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

fatherhood initiation & chicken soup

Two days ago while running with friends I commented how fortunate our family had been to come out of this winter without any sickness.   Apparently I spoke too soon.  This morning at 1am Hayden had his first dose of baby sickness, and is now officially INITIATED.  Aspen woke screaming, and when we ran in she was covered in throw up.  

"This is ok" I think... "I'll clean her up, and get her back to bed and still go run at 5:45."  
~YEAH RIGHT~  Change baby, change bed.
4:00am: Aspen crying.  Fever 101*.  She sleeps with us for a bit. MAYBE I'll have to get a substitute for class.  Maybe.
4:20am: Aspen crying and goes back in her bed.  Mom lets her buddies know she has given up on the running idea for the day.  Drives to Provo to prep for a sub.
6:00am: back to bed for mom.  Aspen sleeps until 11am.

A sick day for mom was spent in the kitchen.  Mopped the floor, made homemade noodles for soup, homemade break for dinner, cleaned a shelf in the refrigerator,  and even cleaned out the recipe book cupboard.   Didn't get a run in... there is always tomorrow.

Welcome to fatherhood Hayden.  At least you will eat well on the days Aspen is sick.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

rain rain stay away

Just another day of nice weather... and a cool camera to document it.  Of course nice days mean we are at the park.  Making dinner can always wait til we are done playing.

Weatherman is calling for cold weather and rain, but there are 2 more good days before then.  I ran in SHORTS and a tank this morning.  LOVED it.

Aspen and I are NOT cold weather fans.  Bring on Spring!

Monday, March 2, 2009

monkey see... monkey do

Through the course of a day, there are many things I routinely do that I don't think twice about.  Run, laundry, dishes, yard, Aspen, errands, etc.  ONE DAY with a toddler will make you think twice about things you do out of habit.  Aspen has already figured out how to start the dishwasher, load the washing machine, put on my shoes,  take care of her baby (or Elmo... if he is around), and work in the yard.  Anything else she sees me do is fair game as well.

This gives new definition to my mothers' saying "Make your words both short and sweet, you never know which ones you'll eat".

At least she is getting the important things learned first... dishes, laundry, yardwork :D

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