Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vacation Lessons

Things I learned while on vacation (or shortly thereafter):
  • There is no place like home
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico is amazing!
  • I love my pillow
  • The first week back is always the painful
  • Sun = wrinkles (instant) after the age of 40
  • I love my bed.
  • Aspen DOES get tired of the beach... eventually.
  • The trip home is long, whether in a car or on a plane.
  • We eat too fast in America.
  • I love the weather of the Caribbean.
  • Other cultures are amazing
  • The ambulances in other countries REALLY do sound like they do in the movies.
  • Police car flashing lights are blue in Puerto Rico
  • I love my bed (oh wait, did I say that already??)
  • I don't read enough (unless on vacation).
  • Running in the cold beats running in the humidity.
  • Kenny Chesney has a house close to where we were :)
  • I love home.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Adventure Begins

We've been up since before 3:30. Aspen was not happy that my parents plane left without us. On to Chicago...our next stop.

Friday, January 14, 2011

First REAL haircut.

It was hard to cut off the ends of her hair with all her baby curls still on them.  
It was time... and it looks cute.

Mom's the KING!

I have resisted all attempts by Hayden to call him the "KING", even though he has repetitively tickled me til I can hardly breathe. Aspen is a pushover, however. If Hayden has something she wants, it is suddenly "Dad's the KING". This is especially effective when followed by "Mom's the pauper".

Lately, Hayden and I both get demoted to be "paupers" when her brother Brenden, or her Grandpa Frank is around.

"Grandpa's the KING!"
  (Brenden) "What about me?"
"Grandpa and Brenden are BOTH kings!"
  (Dad) "And what about me?"
"Dad's the pauper... (pause)... and MOM is the pauper".

Hayden has successfully been able to gain his title back by threatening to leave Aspen and not take her on the ship (cruise) with him. 
This is cheating.
I resort to no such tactics.
If I win my title of KING back, it is because I truly am the KING.
Playing princess with her friend
If she isn't naming us KINGS & PAUPERS, she is playing other little games.
This is her most recent favorite:
"Who wants my ball?  Mom, Dad... raise your hands"
We both raise our hands, excitedly, trying to get her to pick us.
She hands me the ball, looks at her dad and says "Ohhhh, sorry dad".

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Despicable ME!

I watched Despicable Me the other day and couldn't help but laugh at the similarities between the little girl with her unicorn on the show, and Aspen. We were in the grocery store, and on our way to check out, we passed a big pink unicorn piƱata hanging on the wall.  She threw a small tantrum when I told her it was NOT coming home with us.
Fast forward 5 minutes.
Hayden is checking out, with Aspen grinning from ear to ear, holding the pink unicorn.
"Don't be mad, mom... Dad said YES".
$20 for a silly pink pinata.
A silly pinata that didn't leave her side for 2 weeks.
She slept with it, she rode it, she had her baby ride it.
She loves having stories read to her at night, and one night I told her this story:
"There once was a pink unicorn that was so sad.  He was at the store all by himself, and then one day a little girl came to see him.  He wanted to go to her house really bad, but when Aspen asked her mom, she said (at this point Aspen gives my response as her contribution to the story) "NO!".  So Aspen was very sad, so she went and asked her dad.  "Dad, can I take home the unicorn?" and he said (Aspen again), YES!.  So, the unicorn came to Aspen's house and was Sooooo happy."
Since telling this story, every night she says "Mom, tell me the story of the unicorn on the wall", and adds her own parts to the telling of it.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ben Does Life

This guy is one of my all time favorite blogs to read.  I started following him when I saw this little video, and each day his posts keep me in stitches with laughter, or TOTALLY relating to his comments on finding fitness and feeling good about yourself.  His blog site is

Yesterday his post hit home.  It's amazing how quickly we get comfortable with where we are in life and start to get cocky.  Hopefully reading other people's experiences and reading back on my own will prevent that from happening with myself.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 New Year's Anti-Resolutions

I'm not a big resolution maker.  This comes after years and years of fooling myself into thinking that THIS year is going to be THE year... and then losing steam after several weeks.  I noticed this phenomenon this year more than ever.  Partially because I set a couple goals during the year that I finally was able to achieve.  I set them for myself and my own reasons... in MAY, and not because the new year said I should, so I think that helped.  I found the gym before January 1st and found several classes I love... so now I find myself getting mad when I show up at 5am, just as I have done for months, and my equipment has been taken over by the January "rush".  AAaarghh!!

Anyway... that's my rant...

So, going into this new year, this is what I am going to continue to improve on:
  • decluttering my house:  (2 big trips to Deseret Industries thus far).
  • Staying fit... even in the cold, attempt a FULL marathon, and fight off the 180's on the scale.
  • Keep drinking more water.
  • Reconnect with and appreciate people that matter (thank you facebook!).
  • Continue to enjoy time with my kids, and put off the "to-do list" until later
  • finish Brenden's high school album before he graduates, and finish getting Wade's caught up (since he is in his first year of the big H.S. this year).
I might as well throw out at least one thing I'm going to tackle that I haven't started yet...
I am actually going to get past Helaman.  

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010... and beyond (and previous)

As I was reflecting on my year and going into the new one, I started thinking about past experiences over time.  So I thought I'd jot a few things down that defined ME from each year of my adult life.
Both for good and bad... just really REALLY glad I don't have to repeat certain years.

1988:  graduated high school.  Attended Snow College.  Residence:  Snow Hall.  Played college volleyball & basketball.
I'm on the top row, second from left.
1989:  married.  Residence: ~92 w 200 s, Ephraim.
1990:  graduated from Snow College.  Moved to Logan.  First child, Morgan, born. Residence: Canyon Terrace Apartments (2 different units).  Discovered Morgan was visually impaired.
1991:  Summer House @541 E 500 N in Logan. Moved to 615 e 400 N in Logan in the fall.  Darren lived with us for a few months.
1992:  graduated from USU (elementary education).  First "teaching job" as PE specialist, in Logan.
1993:  Brenden was born.
1994:  bought our first house.  6300 N Hwy 38 in Honeyville.  Huge garden, trees, and lots of land.
1995:  Lost a baby at 6 months along.
1996:  Wade was born.

1998:  Began officiating high school volleyball/basketball.  Grandma Snow died.
1999:  Part time teaching PE @Discovery Elementary in Brigham.  Grandpa Snow died.
2000:  The beginning of 3 years of big ugly change.  Had to move out of my house.  Summer job @Centro de la familia. Job @Box Elder Middle School 10 days before school began.  Residences:  storage bay (1 month), Christensen's (1 month), 415 n 400 e (June's basement).
2001:  Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year.  Understatement.  Residence: 863 Arapaho Ct., Brigham (old Indian school buildings).
2002:  Divorced.  Officiated state final volleyball for 3A.  Teaching contract not renewed. 
2003:  Moved to 415 n 400 e in Brigham.  Job @Adele C Young Intermediate in Brigham City.
2004:  Moved to Lehi.  Got a job in Provo @Farrer Middle School.  Met Hayden J. Fraser.   NYC!!
2005:  Married Hayden in Vegas.  Job @Centennial Middle School.  First cruise.
2006:  Ran first 5k.  Ever.  Bought first new car.  Took kids on a cruise. 
2007:  Aspen Rose was born.  Took Wade, Aspen and Morgan on a cruise.
2008:  Golden Apple winner @my school.  Sealed to Hayden & Aspen in Manti temple.  Morgan graduated from high school.
2009:  Ran 1st Half marathon.  Hayden started his own company:  Craftsman Hardwood Flooring.  Denver trip. Took kids on a Mexico cruise.
2010:  This year was full of many accomplishments.  Court of Honor (Brenden), Lake Powell, Chicago trip, cabin, State track (Brenden placed), State cross country (9th place and state champs), Wade started cross country, family activities, trip to Vegas, half marathon in St. George, and anniversary @ Red River Ranch in Southern Utah.

2011:  Looking forward to a great year.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

This season

I loved the holiday season this year.
No pressure to get things done.
I didn't get cards sent out.
Aspen and I read a Christmas book ALMOST every night.
We listened to holiday music.
I went shopping with my boys.
I ran.
Then I ran some more.
I took my own sweet time and decorated the tree over the course of a week.
Morgan came for Christmas dinner.
Wade and I spent hours doing a puzzle.
Less stress.
More relaxing.
Focused more on the month of December, and the spirit of the season, than on the actual Day that passed so quickly.

I loved it.
Best holiday season in a very long time.

A great end of 2010, and a wonderful year coming up.
Bring on 2011!

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