Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pinterest... I love you

I've been a Pinterest user for a few weeks now.
It's an online bulletin board to put ideas I've found online.  
(or from the 300+ blogs I follow).
I've had a ton of ideas flagged in my email, 
saved on my computer... 
and so many take up space in my browser bookmarks.  
This is SOOO much easier!  
The one big problem... TIME.
Time spent playing on Pinterest instead of actually doing something crafty.

However... Aspen and I have done great the last week.  All the items in the picture are things we have put together this week.  These were all ideas we found on Pinterest.
Yeah... Pinterest is my new friend.

Captain Wade

On a whim, we took an overlook picture on our first hike this summer to Mt. Olympus.  It seemed like a great way to document our adventures we had on our hikes.

Next summer... Mount Timpanogas!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Donut Falls

 We made it to Donut Falls on Labor Day.  It was crazy busy.  Wade doesn't remember that we took him here in 2004.  I had to send him pictures to prove it.  Aspen has become quite the little hiker this summer. This trail was easy for her (except for the face-plant into the dirt toward the end of the trip...side-effect of running on a rocky trail).
 The weather was perfect.  
Hayden was a good sport.
Wade and I climbed up to the falls (and gave Hayden more gray hairs than he already has).

The trail took it out of her.

3 weeks later

The good part about sacrificing my body to a marathon:
  The bragging rights with my vinyl sticker on my car

The bad part about sacrificing my body to a marathon:
3 toes that will lose their original toe nails.
Yeah... it was worth it!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


It was the first really cold morning of the fall season and I was actually excited to run in it. It was beautiful and no one else was out.
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