Thursday, October 22, 2009

for Wade

We did some cool "carvings" last weekend, but knowing it wouldn't make it until Halloween, we took some pictures to document how well it turned out. Nice job Wade.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

unfulfilled expectations

The long awaited day finally arrived. State cross country. After watching warm ups and anxiously awaiting the starting gun, the race began. Brenden's goal for the race was top 10 at state. At the first mile, he was #9, at mile 2 he was #13. But something was wrong. Dreadfully wrong. He was pale, and looked like he was at the last leg of a 15 mile run. Dragging himself along. I went toward the finish line to see how things would play out. Runner #1 came through... #2... #8, 9, 10... #20??? Where was he?? After a few moments, I saw his yellow shoes coming, and started taking pictures. Then I stopped. He was in bad shape. He looked white. He was running in slow motion, wobbling from side to side, and looking totally disoriented. He would slow down, stop, then start moving in slow motion again. I RAN to the finish line, and for the next 20 minutes helped try to get him to back to normal. After he came around, he said he didn't even remember the last 1/2 mile of the race, and doesn't remember finishing the race at all. He was taken to a clinic and looked over. Still not sure exactly what happened. Nerves? The fact that he had eaten only a bowl of oatmeal at 8am and didn't run until 2pm. The "running your heart out" part, that happens with state tournament. Whatever it was/is, I have never been more frightened as a parent than I was today. I was sad about his race. Sad for the expectations he felt others had for him, as well as his own expectations. He's ready to be done with races for awhile. Ready to think about other things. I'm just glad he's ok. Relieved. Grateful. Elated. Thankful for my in-laws who looked after Wade and Aspen when I had to run help play medic. Until next year. Or at least until he has forgotten the pain of the day...

update: he had an ekg to check for a possible heart condition. We have to have an ultrasound done later to check. After watching the video of his finish yesterday, I'm grateful he is alive and ok today.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

school pics + 1

Not sure why boys have such an aversion to smiling, but mine definitely do. Aspen sure doesn't. She has had enough cameras in her face that she now has developed "the pose", and then asks to see the results on the camera afterwards. These are this years school pictures.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Region Champs

Yeah, I'm pretty proud of my runner. Region cross country was on Wednesday, and he ROCKED. He took 4th overall, but considering that his previous time on this course was a 7:18, and his previous best time before this meet was 16:58... he really ROCKED. His current best time is 16:37. And he didn't even have to throw up afterwards. Not too shabby. Hayden was able to make it after a job, Aspen came with me, and my parents made it out. It was a pretty cold day with a bit of wind to make it colder. Nice job Brend... Good luck at state on Wednesday!

aspen & hayden rolling down the hills @ the park


Weekend Stuff

This weekend was my fall break, although it turned out to not be much of a break. Thursday was spent cleaning, then driving to Tremonton. Friday morning started with helping Hayden put in a hardwood floor. Saturday was ENTIRELY spent on yard work, and today was the typical Sunday doings... complete with a roast dinner and a headache that I'm pretty sure I inherited from my mom. We did get a chance to take the kids to a movie: Where the Wild Things Are. WOW. Great show. More meaning in a little kids show than I have seen in awhile. Last night we made it to the corn maze, which Aspen LOVED until Wade and Hayden started telling her there was a "sharp-tooth" in the corn (aka T-Rex) and she had a little cry and wouldn't let me put her down. 30 minutes walking around in circles in the maze and we turned the directing over to Hayden. 5 minutes later we were at the exit... not because he is a great maze guy, but because he knows how to walk in between rows of corn toward the exit. Aspen loved the slide, the farm petting zoo, and jumping from one bale of hay to another. I had great amazing pictures planned in my head for this event, but as I attempted to take the first picture, my battery flashed that it was dead. Figures.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I was sick last Sunday, and so the lesson I had looked so forward to teaching in relief society had to be passed on to a sub. The lesson was on friends, and the impact they have in our lives. Since I wasn't able to teach I thought I'd give a shout out to my friends that make my life uplifted simply by their being in it.

First of all is my best friend & eternal companion, Hayden. The only way to describe what he is to me is that losing him would be like trying to walk on one leg. He goes on a job, and I miss him. He drives the boys home, and I miss him. I love our talks, I love the way he makes me reflect and think about things.

#2: I have been teaching at my middle school for 5 years now, and during my second year I was conned into doing MESA program. I grudgingly agreed. Partly for the money, and partly because I have a problem saying NO. I definitely came out ahead on this one though, because my MESA co-teacher was my friend Becca. We have laughed together, cried together (no... not just over our poor students). She brings me perspective. She often helps keep my negative side in check, and keeps me saying and thinking positive things. She has helped me out when I'm in a pinch, even though she lives 20 minutes away. Thanks Becca. I am truly blessed to have met you and to have you in my life.

#3: Lastly, is my running buddy, Misty. What they say about having someone to run with in order to make you get out of bed is SO very true. Thanks Misty for being my motivation to get out of bed each morning. I would have never even dreamed that I could run a half marathon before I met her (or that I could run 2 miles straight, actually). I first met Misty when I needed a sitter for Aspen during school. She had been in my ward for several years, but for some reason we had never run across each other. Thank heavens we did. A bad day often times turns into a run or a walk and we both go home feeling much better. Thanks Misty!

I am so lucky to have great people in my life.
I am so lucky to have awesome friends in my life.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My "baby" is not officially a baby anymore. We moved in the big bed this weekend after Aspen had decided that sleeping in the playpen was preferable to sleeping in the crib. The first night was a bit of a fight, but being able to lay on the bed with mom and reading books isn't as bad as she thought it would be. Last night, we didn't even have to fight her at all. The first night I put her in bed, I couldn't bring myself to leave her. I stayed next to her, smelling her hair and listening to her breath. Oh, if only I could bottle this up.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I've been under the weather. I don't do well being sick. I don't think anyone can teach my students the things they need to know, the way I can. Which is why I dragged myself to school the first day. Bad Idea.

However, staying home somehow feels like I should have extra time to get things done... however, all I want to do is SLEEP.

I am just hoping Monday leaves me feeling better... I've got things to do... lessons to teach... patience needs to return to NORMAL levels.

Sorry if I got you sick too Hayd.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the TRAIN is coming

I am married to a man (no, not that good looking one in the picture.... another good looking one) who likes, and needs something in the near future to look forward to. A stay in Ephraim, a trip to Vegas, a beach somewhere... anything as long as it is out of the norm. So in December, we are taking a little trip with the family to Mexico.

December is a long way away, though, so at the end of this month we are going to a TRAIN concert @ the Depot in Salt Lake City. Pat Monahan (yes, the good looking one in the picture) is the lead singer, and happens to own a home in Park City. We saw him once before when he was in town and it was sweet.

If you have never heard of them, perhaps you should look up their hits on iTunes. Drop of Jupiter, Meet Virginia, Calling all Angels and my favorite song, FREE. Good Stuff. Great venue. The more the merrier.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I just ordered THE cutest Halloween costume on the planet.


2 is such a fun age... I just hope she doesn't hate wearing it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

the blonde of the bunch

How does anyone not LOVE this kid? Aspen is obviously a fan. I have always loved Wade, but somedays love makes itself more apparent. I LOVE Wade.

Watching him with Aspen this weekend just makes me realize how much he cares about people. He is my peacemaker.

He kinda gets the role of everyone's go-fer, and doesn't flinch or complain (so I've made a point to not ask him to be my errand boy). He is always wanting to make, create, draw, plan... and that is right up my alley.
He talks to me... and what more can a mom ask for? The fact that he is my next running convert just plays into the mix nicely.

I love you Wade.

copy cat

Be careful what you say and do.
You never know who's watching you.

new recruit

Wade ran a 1 mile race this weekend. His first time running it was last year (same time of year, same place). This year he improved his time by 2 minutes and took 4th overall. NICE job buddy! And without any training. Man, wait until I get my hands on you. You will be loving this sport before you know it.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Brenden finally got his letterman jacket. I saved myself $15 by sewing on all the patches myself. NEVER AGAIN! 4 hours of hand stitching? $15 is a small price to pay. He has 2 cross country pins to put on it, and one more coming this year.

Nice job buddy. You look pretty sweet.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


This morning I had come in from running and had just sat Aspen down to breakfast when she noticed my headband I wear on cold mornings to cover my ears.
Aspen: "mama... wassat on a head? Issit a hat?"
me: "yes, it's my hat"
Aspen: "you go run mommy?"
me (chuckling): "yep, I went running"

At this point she had to feel my headband, and touch my spiky sweaty hair.
What a funny girl I have.Photobucket

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