Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Busy Girl

To say Aspen climbs everything would be an UNDERSTATEMENT.  Here are a few of her recent "finds"
the dryer... inside, of course, so she can hear herself echo
The desk at my school... and refuses to let anyone else help her down.  She can do it HERSELF!

The garden... the bucket... just about anything the is available to climb on, or in.

Crossroads... for both of us.

The day finally arrived.  TAKING MORGAN TO LOGAN for COLLEGE.

Morgan was SO ready to go, and we were excited to have her go.  Both because we knew how much fun she would have at college, and because teenagers do that to their parents (otherwise we wouldn't want them to leave).  We loaded up the car, and headed north.  

We moved her stuff in, got her bed set up, and while she was moving in the last of the boxes, I unrolled my "surprise" for her.  I had made her a vinyl sign and a little skull to go on her boring concrete block wall.  She was very surprised, and LOVED it.  Helping her set up her room made me recall doing the same 20 years ago.  SCARY.

It's amazing to me how much things change... forever.  As I was getting in the car to pull away Morgan was standing at her dorm door, and I had to take a picture of her.  It was then I realized things never really go back to the way they were.  She now has gone from a RESIDENT of our home, to a visitor.  WOW.  Just when I thought I was ready for this, it happens, and I'm driving away bawling like a baby.  I gave her a big hug before I left, and told her I already missed her.  At 10 minutes before midnight after I got home, I got a text message from her on my phone that said I MISS YOU.  That is what makes being a mom all worth it.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I had my high school 20 year reunion at the beginning of August.  20 year????  HELLO, it has NOT been twenty years since high school!  That would make me old... and I still feel 17.  My best friend from high school, Suzi Neilson Fullmer, was in charge of it all... and it turned out GREAT!  I made a video for the reunion, and it seemed to be liked by all.  Good food, good company, good times.
above: me, Suzi Fullmer, Suzanne McKinnon Reeve, and Yolonda Collett Foremaster

above: Annette Yoder Pullin, Deon Fillingim, and myself... in the old cafeteria at the high school.
above:  Adrienne McGraw, myself and Amanda Ebright.  

It was great to see many friends and reacquaint myself with some of them.  The entire thing was painful for my NON-social butterfly husband, but he was a good sport. 

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Cabin "getaway"

After our sealing in Manti, Hayden's parents agreed to take on all the kids for the evening so we could go and stay at their cabin that evening.  Hayden had been working so long and hard previous to this time, that it was some MUCH needed down time.  The cabin doesn't have a shower, running water, or a toilet (it has a lovely out house, however).  But it does have the beauty of the mountains, and the stillness that a hectic life often craves.
The evening we got there, we just sat out on the porch and watched a storm roll in.  Beautiful.  Afterwards Hayden and I walked to overlook point and watched the valley lights come on in the little towns below after the sun had set.

The next morning we got up and went for a nice walk... two hours. This is one of my favorite things to do with Hayden.  We have done it ever since we were dating and he was going to the U.  Even four years later, we walk for 2 hours and never run out of things to say.  I love it.  The mountains of Fairview Canyon have alot of Aspen trees, and this is one of Hayden's favorite things to listen to when the breeze begins.  Thus the naming of our daughter: Aspen (well, my reason for the name was different from his)

While we were walking the rest of the family were preparing to come join us for a day.  Aspen had never been to the cabin so I was excited to see how she would react.  Hillarious.  She would crawl in the cabin, then out on the deck, then back in, then out again.  She wanted to climb the loft ladder that goes upstairs, and would throw a fit when I found a way to block the stairs.
Brenden LOVES the cabin.  I think he likes being able to drive the ATV's grandpa Frank brings up for him.  Between that, and the uniqueness of the cabin, its a winning combination for him.  He says that he wants to have a HOUSEBOAT at Lake Powell, and a cabin in Fairview Canyon when he grows up.  I love being there with Brenden because when I take the time to go on rides with him, we are able to talk like mother and teenage son aren't usually known to do.
Wade hung out with his cousin, Austin for most of the time... both, at the house in Ephraim, and at the cabin.  He went with us when we went for a long drive up to the top of the ridge and we took some pretty cool pictures. 
He ended up staying at the cabin for an extra day when the rest of us left on Sunday evening.  Hayden had to work, and I had to get ready for my teacher days back at school.  

Friday, August 8, 2008

Infinity Day (8/8/08)

Today is our anniversary. Three years ago we got married, and now, three years later we have just gotten sealed to each other and to our little Aspen. What a very very cool experience! We stayed last night with Hayden's parents in Ephraim and this morning woke and took all the kids with us to the temple. The morning did NOT go without a hitch... between me forgetting shoes, and my bag I was going to take in with me, Wade forgetting his church clothes, Brenden forgetting his belt, we made it with no time to spare. Aspen got to go to the nursery while Hayden and I dressed. The ladies there LOVED her. She read books and played with toys. When they brought her up for the sealing, she saw momma... and that was the end of the HAPPY. She screamed if anyone else had her (including her dad.. and grandma Janet) other than her mom. We just went ahead with a crying baby. As we were leaving the temple, we passed one of Tonia's friends, Becca Witt, and Aspen jumped into her arms. Little Stinker.

We had alot of family come. All my sisters (Audrey, Jolona & Kara) came, one brother in law (Bill), my parents, and my brother Nate and his wife Monique came. Two of my friends I teach with came as well. Thanks for coming all that way everyone!!!

Our little family. Morgan, Hayden, Wade, Aspen, Tonia & Brenden

Aspen, our new little permanent fixture.

After the ceremony we drove to Ephraim to Hayden's parents'. Grandma Deb had made an AWESOME lunch for everyone. We took Grandpa Lynn and a few others for a ride up Ephraim Canyon, and had a great visit with everyone.

Hayden and I are headed to the cabin in Fairview until tomorrow... lucky grandma and grandpa... they get a baby and 3 teenagers for the night!! They will join us tomorrow and I will post more then.

What a great day.

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