Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring break should not be called a BREAK

This is the first year I can remember not having a list a mile long of things I HAVE TO GET DONE over the 7 days of spring break. Ironically, I have accomplished more this year than any year previous.

Mow yard
Fix broken hinges
Yoga class
Treadmill class
Spinning class
3 doctor appointments
Dentist appointments
4 showings of my house
(cleaned house top to bottom for 4 showings)
Shower cleaned
6 loads of laundry
Cleaned patio
Grilled outside
Sprayed weeds
Planted flowers
Bike ride/ walk
Grocery shopping
Christmas lights (finally) down
Wash car
Oil change in car
Tracy aviary
New menu and meals
2 naps :)

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