Friday, February 26, 2010

a little GRATITUDE would be GREAT!!!

Today I have ONE pet peeve.
Only one...
(well, at least that come to mind... today... trust me, there are more).
My one: ingratitude.

Seriously... how hard is it to say THANK YOU??
I've done some creative work for some friends lately, and the only thing I've gotten (after 12+ hours of my time), (and doing and re-doing work on the project) is requests to change my work in one way or another.
Not a "HEY, they look great!".
Not "THANKS so much for all your time and effort"??

I give a ride to a few kids who's family has come upon hard times lately (father passed away).  We had parent teacher conferences last night, and after 3 weeks of delivering kids from Provo to Lehi almost every day after school, and dropping them off on their doorstep, not a word was said about it.  

 It's really not that difficult people.

I realize I am seeing this through my own "love language" (which is words of affirmation).  Not everyone thinks that this is a BASIC HUMAN courtesy.  I get that.  I could prevent it from happening.  I could turn down favors asked of me.  I could say no.
But that wouldn't be very nice.
I try to be NICE.
There's gotta be bonus points in earned in heaven for NICE.

So instead, I'll rant, vent and blog... and go do my community servitude service without saying a word.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

craftiness & a little football

I've been feeling crappy crafty lately.  And when I feel that way, projects tend to get started... and if I'm lucky, even finished. 
I have a HUGE addiction lately to following blogs.  It is a growing problem (takes me 30 minutes a day to go through all the newly posted SWEET creative ideas) and it is getting worse everyday.  Since I have discovered that cool little outfits can be put together without the bother of a pattern... I have been tearing it up in my newly set-up craft room.  I found an adorable shirt at a store in the mall last week and thought "oh my... I could TOTALLY do that for practically nothing!!"  
So I did.
Aspen found a picture of a skirt with hearts on the pockets and demanded that it be hers... so 1 hour later, it was.  To make a top that matched her skirt, I took some tulle strips, gathered it, and pinned it onto a shirt of hers that had stains on it.
The new heart outfit is definitely a huge hit.  So much so, that on the days when she wears it, we don't have to fight her to get dressed in the morning.
 After making such great progress with the heart outfit, I pulled a t-shirt out of the "trash" pile, and decided to do a little revamp.  Aspen had spilled fingernail polish down the front of it, and I didn't see any way to save it (even though she had only worn it ONCE!!).  Another NO PATTERN fix and she now has a new outfit in her closet.  This one, however, has not been deemed acceptable by the PRINCESS ASPEN, and so wearing this in the morning still requires a fight.  
Me being the victor... of course.  I have so many more sweet ideas underway, and several projects started.  Hey... when you feel crappy, having projects to look forward to is a MUST!

Super bowl Sunday was actually Frank's (my father in law's) birthday, so it was a no-brainer that there was a party to be had.  We went to Kari's new house (Hayden's sister) in Goshen for the event.  Aspen thought all the presents were for her, and had a horrible time resisting the temptation to open them.

Aspen has a Doug aversion.  Doug is Kari's husband and he has a large beard and moustache.  Apparently bearded people in cowboy boots are scary to 2 year olds.  Over the course of the past 2 years, she has managed to let him get remotely close to her... once.  So imagine our surprise when I look over, while watching the game, and she is LYING on Doug's lap.  
No trembling... no back peddling away from him.  
Just chillin'. 
Our daredevil child now has conquered what had appeared to be her only fear.
Well, other than getting dressed in the morning, that is...
I think that one is a battle that doesn't end with the terrible 2's.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am NOT a photographer, by any means.  I love taking pictures, love playing with them, and am always trying to improve my skills.   I have become an avid stalker  follower of several excellent photographers' blogs.
I try to implement some of their techniques and shooting angles.  Sometimes I get lucky, and it actually works.  The quality of my pictures, since acquiring my cool new camera, makes me very happy.  They work for me.  HOWEVER, if I had to take pictures for someone else and have my pictures meet their expectations... well, thats just a little too much intimidation for me.  So imagine my shock when I was asked to do just such a thing.  Hayden's Uncle Richard and his singing partner were looking for images for a new album cover for their new CD entitled "The drifter and the lady", and asked if I would take them.
No pressure.
Just an ALBUM COVER!!!!
When I showed up to take pictures and they had 5 outfit changes.  Ok, yeah... I'm out of my league already.  I was thinking more of "standing by a fence and taking a few pictures". 
  I worked on several images right after the shoot, and have been playing with a few more since then, and I have to say... I impress myself!  It's not where I envision my pictures in the long run, but for a first time professional photo shoot, I did pretty good.

Check out Richard & Mary's stuff here.   Old-time country sound.  My favorite of Richard's songs is "Leave the Light on".  Enjoy! 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweet music...

What can I say about this kid.  I just love him!

We had the opportunity to see Brenden play drums in the school talent show, and Wade had an orchestra concert the same night.  I couldn't have planned it better myself.  Well, other than the fact that we almost missed Brenden's, altogether.  He played at the beginning of the talent show (2pm) and in the middle.  Since driving from Provo takes at least 90 minutes, and I couldn't leave until 12:15 (and we still had to pick up Aspen on the way), we obviously missed his first performance.  As we were pulling into the parking lot, I get a frantic call from Brenden informing me he was on next.  Yeah... that was cutting it just a BIT too close.  We got into the auditorium just as they came on stage.  I'm pretty impressed.  My son can jam.

Wade's concert wasn't until later that evening. Aspen had only slept for 10 minutes on the drive up, which meant McDonald's Playland for us for an hour and a half, to keep the tantrums at bay.

Wade did GREAT.  He has done great lately working on his violin and his MATH SKILLS!!!  We worked on math while on vacation, and, by the next test, he understood many concepts that other students were lost on.  It gave him a new view on math, in general, and now we have nightly math tutoring via cell phone.   I have some pretty talented, smart boys!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sick and Tired of WInter

Cold weather
Little (or no) business
Running in darkness
Feeling a bit blue
The end of basketball season (next week)
2 Monday holidays... strategically placed
Setting up my craft room!!
Spare minutes spent sewing or scrapbooking (when not officiating)

March & April=
blessed warmer weather!!
tax season, therefore business picks up
A month of no days off... followed by a BEAUTIFUL week off (oh the sewing plans I have in store)
2 boys' birthdays!
Spring bulbs out
Any day above 45 is spent with my hands in the dirt
Visits to the park
Buying seeds.
Bring on SPRING.  I've had enough of this stuff you call winter.

Monday, February 8, 2010


When a little MONKEY decides to climb, sometimes MONKEYS fall off the bed (or the playground... in this case).  The timing of these events is never at a good time.  We were at the park across the street from our house about an hour before I was supposed to leave to officiate a game.  We had started heading home after being there for 5 minutes, but because of her objections, I decided to let her have another 5 minutes before going home.  

Bad idea.  

Notice how the circle injury on her cheek matches perfectly the little circle support on the playground?  Yeah.  All while I was watching her climb up onto a step.  RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!  After a visit to her pediatrician, and a CT scan (and finding a sub for my basketball game)... we were headed home to recoup.   The CT scan showed no fracture, so its a good week or so with a nice black & blue & purple eye.  Her first shiner!

The questionable looks and comments we have received this week have been unbelievable.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

what happens when

What happens when I have to drive to Tremonton... and have to take a 3 year old along.
Thank heavens for movies on ipods.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Escargo... Formal Night... and a "song"

After a great day at Cabo, we had our second formal night.  It was our "men in black" night, as all the guys had brought black tux's.  On the menu as an appetizer, was escargo.  Since Brenden is a self-professed French person at heart, we insisted that he give it a try.  HILARIOUS!!  It took him a good 10 minutes to finally get one small bite down.  Wade and Austin were also brave enough to take a taste.  Hayden and I passed.  I have cleaned way WAY too many snails out of my garden to even THINK about eating one.
While in Cabo Aspen found a little guitar that she would NOT leave the market without... it was her constant companion through the rest of the trip.  Hayd would take her guitar and strum it and Aspen would start crying and say "MY SONG!!! MY SONG!!!" and demand the return of her guitar.

Tomorrow begins our last leg of the trip... 2 days at sea before the return to U.S. soil.

Monday, February 1, 2010

planning in advance

If I had seen this cartoon 2 years ago, I would have laughed (or cried) with how closely it resembled Morgan at the time.  Lately Brenden has picked up where his sister left off. 
Not sure if it is a TEENAGE thing, or if it is genetic (not from me... obviously :)  Whatever it is, it DRIVES me crazy!!

little again

We interrupt this "vacation blog" to bring you a good old regular posting.  I love the comic strip ZITS, and have had many laughs over teenage moments so eloquently put into a few simple frames.  Yesterday's, however, brought me to tears.  Oh, how I have felt this way lately with my rapidly growing teenagers.  I guess it has its upsides.  After reading this yesterday, Aspen and I sat and watched her favorite show (Dinosaur Train) as she sang the intro song, and then preceded to talk to me and ask me questions through the remainder of the show.  We drew smiley faces on fingertips, and read a few books.

Click on the image for a full size, readable image.

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