Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2 events in 1 day... not bad

The fact that I haven't posted about this GREAT event just shows how busy my last month has been. 

In the course of one day my 14 year old was ordained as a teacher and my 17 year old received his Eagle Scout award.  How cool is that?  Brenden (17) and his step-brother were able to share the same court of honor, both getting their eagle the same night.  Several of my family members were able to make the long drive, including my parents and two of my brothers (thanks mom & dad and Nate & Garrett!)

I'm so proud of these guys.  Wade has been racking up the merit badges the past year or so (with big plans to get a few more this summer).   Brenden's eagle project was putting up signs for and organizing a neighborhood watch program. 

Great job boys!  Proud of you!  Love you!


Wow... it has been a long time since my last post (relatively speaking).  Not sure why.  I've had many ideas of what I want to post going on in my head since then, but don't like sitting down and writing SOMETHING just for the sake of writing.  I like to write something I can read and say "that's exactly how I wanted to say that".   So this week at school, my students are doing end of level testing, which means I actually have a minute to sit and write.
It has been an action packed, adventurous past couple of weeks.  I had a week off for spring break, and Hayden... being his own boss (finally), was able to take a few days off work. We had some rewards points to spend, had some airline buddy passes, and used priceline to get a great getaway to CHICAGO.  We didn't go for anything special, just to see the city and spend some chill time together.   Hayden's aunt lives a bit away from Chicago, so we were able to sneak in a visit with her as well.

What to say about Chicago?  It's amazing.  The architecture is comparable to seeing a national park.  Overwhelming.  
The people were surprisingly friendly and helpful (more-so than average).  I was especially excited about going to Chicago when I was seeing temperatures approaching 80 degrees just 2 days before we left.  Apparently that city shares the same weather that Utah does, because by the time we got there it was COLD.  High temperatures of 38.  Needless to say, with the temperatures and the rain, I did not get out to run along Lake Shore Drive (along the coast) like I had initially planned.  Bummer.   We did stay at the Drake Hotel, one of the older hotels in Chicago, and right on the Lake Shore.

It's no surprise that Chicago is host to several movie backdrops.  It is GOTHAM in Batman, and The Fugitive was filmed here.  Kinda cool to walk around and recognize features and buildings.
Our trip was chock full of activities, so MUCH walking, and so so much good food.  Comedy show (@ second city), lunch atop the Hancock Center, shopping, food, riding the el (subway), museums, Wrigley Field,  Chicago River, more shopping, more food, and a few naps in between.
A big high five to Hayden for a getaway well planned.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

that's much better

I broke down and bought the pattern for the T-shirt dress.  Since then I have made about 10 of these beauties.  I even stopped by DI and had to pick up more t-shirts.  Did you know they charge MORE for women's t-shirts ($2) than they do for mens ($1)??  Why is that?

Also... I had surgery yesterday morning.  I have never had surgery before, so obviously, I was extremely nervous.  Hayden's mom came and stayed to help.  She did shopping, watched Aspen, and made sure Hayden had food to come home to... not to mention stocking up for Easter.  She bought Aspen a swim suit and towel.  I hope that satisfies her "BEACH" craving for awhile, since she keeps begging for the beach. 
I'm feeling quite sore today, as if someone has punched me in the gut.  But the doctor said I should be back to normal by Monday... so I'm going to hold him to that.

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