Friday, August 8, 2008

Infinity Day (8/8/08)

Today is our anniversary. Three years ago we got married, and now, three years later we have just gotten sealed to each other and to our little Aspen. What a very very cool experience! We stayed last night with Hayden's parents in Ephraim and this morning woke and took all the kids with us to the temple. The morning did NOT go without a hitch... between me forgetting shoes, and my bag I was going to take in with me, Wade forgetting his church clothes, Brenden forgetting his belt, we made it with no time to spare. Aspen got to go to the nursery while Hayden and I dressed. The ladies there LOVED her. She read books and played with toys. When they brought her up for the sealing, she saw momma... and that was the end of the HAPPY. She screamed if anyone else had her (including her dad.. and grandma Janet) other than her mom. We just went ahead with a crying baby. As we were leaving the temple, we passed one of Tonia's friends, Becca Witt, and Aspen jumped into her arms. Little Stinker.

We had alot of family come. All my sisters (Audrey, Jolona & Kara) came, one brother in law (Bill), my parents, and my brother Nate and his wife Monique came. Two of my friends I teach with came as well. Thanks for coming all that way everyone!!!

Our little family. Morgan, Hayden, Wade, Aspen, Tonia & Brenden

Aspen, our new little permanent fixture.

After the ceremony we drove to Ephraim to Hayden's parents'. Grandma Deb had made an AWESOME lunch for everyone. We took Grandpa Lynn and a few others for a ride up Ephraim Canyon, and had a great visit with everyone.

Hayden and I are headed to the cabin in Fairview until tomorrow... lucky grandma and grandpa... they get a baby and 3 teenagers for the night!! They will join us tomorrow and I will post more then.

What a great day.


nicole said...

What a beautiful family! I am so happy for you:) That is actually my birthday. What a cool day to be sealed in the temple. On my blog we were in fairview or fairfield?? I will ask Jeff. Anyway....congratulations

ROSENFAM said...

Congrats! I'm so excited for you guys. You have such a cute family. Good luck with the college drop-off....

Ryan and Debra said...

Beautiful Pictures! Congratulations!!! That's wonderful.

millerjk said...

I am glad to see you happy and what a wonderful day.
K was born that morning...what a good day!
Love you lots, Kellie

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