Monday, December 8, 2008

NO NO NO!!!!

One weekend is all it took for Aspen to start making a connection with words.  This weekend, the word was NO!  and she knows how to use it amazingly well.

"Aspen, want a bath?" NO!
"Do you want a drink?" NO!
"Aspen, stay off the stairs" NO!
NO NO NO!!!!

Other words she is starting to "share" with us are:
Morgan = Mooowwwwwww
Wade= Way
Brenden=ra ra
Cow= cowwwwww or Mooo
Daddy (exactly like that too)
Mom=mom mom

anything that ends in the O sound is done with pursing her lips together like she is whistling.

words we're still working on:

She loves to help mom load dishes, then put in the dishwasher tabs, and push the buttons to start it.  Pushing laundry into the machine (or the dryer) and dumping in the detergent is also one of her favorite things to help with.

Driving with a 18 month old is almost impossible without trauma and tantrums.  
The solution:
video ipod & headphones.
She LOVES it and it keeps her entertained for a good portion of the ride. Even puts her to sleep, if we luck out!

She is so much fun.  Her hair is getting longer (and she finally has some!) and it is so pretty and has a bit of a curl to it.  I'm jealous.  Mine is straight as a pin, even when I try to curl it.


Ryan and Debra said...

The little Stinker...She's so cute! Gotta love those DVD/ipod/entertainment systems for the car...Definately a lifesaver on those long trips! I don't know how we ever got along without them.

Nathan and Shanna said...

Those things are a lifesaver for us as well! Gotta love em'! Love your background!

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