Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2 events in 1 day... not bad

The fact that I haven't posted about this GREAT event just shows how busy my last month has been. 

In the course of one day my 14 year old was ordained as a teacher and my 17 year old received his Eagle Scout award.  How cool is that?  Brenden (17) and his step-brother were able to share the same court of honor, both getting their eagle the same night.  Several of my family members were able to make the long drive, including my parents and two of my brothers (thanks mom & dad and Nate & Garrett!)

I'm so proud of these guys.  Wade has been racking up the merit badges the past year or so (with big plans to get a few more this summer).   Brenden's eagle project was putting up signs for and organizing a neighborhood watch program. 

Great job boys!  Proud of you!  Love you!


kimg said...

we are headed for an eagle court of honor too, but my son needs a cattle prod. we won't let him get his license until he gets it and that still isn't motivating him. and i still have two more sons to go. :b

Julie L said...

The guys will never regret the time they put in to getting their Eagle. My youngest did all but the project before he was 14 but all the encouraging, pushing, prodding, trying to pull teeth could not get him to finish it up, and when he turned 18 he got his own driver's license without the Eagle.

And he has spent the rest of his life regretting the choice not to do it. He's told me many times that wasn't my fault, but I kind of blame myself, too. His three older brothers all made it. Maybe I was worn out by the time he came along.

Your guys are doing terrific, Tonia! And so are you!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Eagle Scout is such an amazing accomplishment! No wonder you are so proud :)

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