Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Donut Falls

 We made it to Donut Falls on Labor Day.  It was crazy busy.  Wade doesn't remember that we took him here in 2004.  I had to send him pictures to prove it.  Aspen has become quite the little hiker this summer. This trail was easy for her (except for the face-plant into the dirt toward the end of the trip...side-effect of running on a rocky trail).
 The weather was perfect.  
Hayden was a good sport.
Wade and I climbed up to the falls (and gave Hayden more gray hairs than he already has).

The trail took it out of her.


Julie L said...

Fascinating! Okay, I've never heard of it. Where????

Fraser's and Co. said...

Julie... this is an easy one and BEAUTIFUL! It is up Big Cottonwood Canyon. I have a cool site my friend has setup called Almost every hike in Utah is on there.

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