Sunday, December 4, 2011

The "Damaged" House

We went for a walk earlier this year, as we did many warm summer evenings.  It is usually around the large block by the elementary school, but this time, as we passed a yard and house that has been there each time, we noticed the house front door was opened and the house appeared abandoned.  

We went in and explored.  From that day on, Aspen called it the "damaged house" each time we would pass.  She insisted on showing it to Wade, so I took along my camera.

I love the outside architecture of this house.  The colors, the lines, the vegetation.  The yard was amazing. Full-grown overhanging trees in the yard that left you unaware that the main road with much traffic was just in front of the house.  Just peace and quiet. 
The back yard and front yard had day lilies, raspberries, ivy, wild roses, and peonies.
Then just a few weeks after our visit, we drove by the damaged house and the trees had started to be chopped down, one at a time, over the course of weeks, until there were none left.  
I dreamt about the house for the next couple nights.  I dreamt about sneaking over and saving the plants for my yard, pretty sure they were headed for demolition next.  It made me sad.  All this history and growth... removed for the "new and improved" sure to take it's place.

I drove by yesterday. 
The house was taken down this week.  
Nothing remains.
An empty lot.
All in the name of progress.
I never did make it over to save the plants,
but I did sneak in and save a little shutter from a small window.
My earrings hang on it now.
I would much rather have the peonies.
this was written on the wall of the upstairs of the house.

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Julie L said...

I'm with you, Tonia. Such a beautiful old home. Loved it when the willows kept it private. I, too, have photos of this place in my collection of "art" photos. I hated to see it go.

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