Thursday, July 12, 2012

AF Canyon Half

I ended up in Provo on Brenden's P-Day with a few extra minutes to spare, so of course I had to drive by JUST IN CASE!!!  He hadn't emailed yet, so I thought maybe he could be outside playing soccer or ultimate frisbee.  No luck.  Three weeks left to try and spot him before he is off to Canada.

This week hasn't been too crazy... other than the fact that Morgan is moving home today.  Um... yeah.  And she is NOT happy about having to contribute to the household (financially or with some minor house help).  It's going to be a rough year or so.  I am not sure who is going to come out the worse for wear, me or Morgan.

starting line scenery. 
The story of my half marathon... Originally Arica (from my school) was supposed to run with me, but she ended up injured from running Ogden Marathon.  Jocelyn has been injured as well but working up to some good miles.  Two days before the American Fork Half Jocelyn bought someone's bib, and ran with me.  It was one of my favorite races BY FAR!  It was for a good cause (cancer) and 100% of race entry fees went to cancer help.  The course was AMAZING, downhill, fast, and beautiful.  That is, until mile 8, where the course came out of the canyon and past a few neighborhoods.  As I was looking at the houses and yards as we passed, I caught an edge and went down.  Being the volleyball player that I was, I went with the chest slide... which works great in a gym, but not so great on blacktop.  I don't have much padding to catch myself either, so the impact was about 90% on my chest and 10% on my right elbow and right wrist, from catching myself.  I got up and finished the race without too much problem, but the next day I was hurting.  I had x-rays done to see if there was a fracture, but there was not.  For a good week it hurt to breathe or lift anything with my right hand/arm... which is really nice considering I am right handed :)  The bummer part about the whole thing, too, is that I totally could have PR'd, but between my fall and having to cater a bit to Jocelyn's sore foot, I was a few minutes shy.  Oh well... it was a cool medal :)  Besides... for my birthday I got a race entry and will be running Big Cottonwood in September.  PR for sure!
road rash baby!

the short and the tall of it


Julie L said...

OUCH! No fun. But it sounds like a great run. Good luck in September!

going gordon said...

you are amazing! but you also make me tired! congrats again on your missionary! i can't believe we have kids this old!

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