Monday, December 15, 2014

A little home repair

I love the smell of NEW anything.  New carpet, new wood, new plastic... you name it.  The problem with getting to the NEW smell is all the hard work in between.  I'm kinda stuck in the hard work part right now.  It just seems so tedious and takes FOREVER to see much progress.  This is the point I'm at right now.  I've been trying to find motivation to sand down the drywall... to caulk edges of windows and screw in wood in places.  It's not like I'm avoiding it.  I'd love to knock a few of these things off of my to do list in an evening.  If only I didn't have a life.... or a job... or a child that thinks she needs fed.

But... Christmas break is coming, and I should have big plans.  The problem is, I always have big plans.  Not just big plans, but BIG plans.  Usually by the time I head back to school in January, I'm left feeling defeated that so many things on my list were left undone.  

So... I've got a plan.  Its a few weeks early for resolutions, I know.. but its a good one.  My resolution this year is to NOT have plans, little or big.  I'm just going to make a list of things around that eventually need done, with no expectations.  By the time the new year hits... I'll be doing great. Anything checked off of my list at that point will be just an added bonus.  

So... here's to NOT having a plan.

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