Sunday, June 29, 2008

5k @ Lavender Days

If I didn't have such a competitive nature about me, taking a nice leisurely run through the lavender yesterday morning would have been easy.  Unfortunately my need to come in BEFORE the person in front of me, led me to miss a lot of the beauty of the lavender, but helped me take almost 3 minutes off of my previous 5k time.  I went with three of the gals in my neighborhood/ward, and Brenden.  The morning was cool until the sun came up and it warmed up quickly.  The course was mostly flat, with the first mile being with an uphill grade.  For some reason, the start of the race was really hard for me... I had to keep saying to myself "JUST DON'T WALK".  Hayden stayed home with Aspen.  After we got home, Hayden and I took Aspen (and Fred with his new wheels) to her first parade.  She loved it.  

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