Monday, June 30, 2008

The beautiful MONSTER

Aspen loves going for walks & bike rides.  If her jogger is out, she crawls over and climbs right in... or tries to.  If she doesn't get her way lately, she lets us hear about it.  Throwing tantrums is her new hobby, and one she is getting better and better at.  She throws them the most when she is tired, which makes church at 1pm a JOKE, since this is the prime nap time period.  The is a little climber.  Today a package came in the mail, and once the item was removed from the box, she spent the next hour or so just climbing up on the box, and then getting down.  She is this way with the rocking chair in the living room, the stairs, and the tub.  Brenden and Wade have been gone for a couple weeks, and when they came back this past weekend Aspen got SOOO excited.  She grabs onto them, screams and laughs at them, and makes singing, flirty noises at them until they look at her.  Then she dives into their arms.  She loves her brothers.

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