Friday, June 12, 2009

3 sons???

Somehow the neighbor kid has adopted us. Not sure how we lucked out, but more often than not, by the time we have pulled in the drive way after picking up the boys, he is there and waiting for Brenden, so he can chill and hang out with him for the weekend.

How did this happen? Not exactly sure. I can only speculate. Perhaps it is the meals that we have on a regular basis, whereas his mom has apparently taken "a year off from cooking" (not kidding... that's his exact phrase) and the KID CAN EAT!!!! Perhaps it is the nice clean house we have here (which is contrast to his house).

Well, lucky me... it is now summer vacation, and we have somehow acquired a 3rd son. The following transcript is how to tell when the neighbor kid needs to GO HOME:
me: "Brenden, you need to shower... you're hair smells"
Brend: "I showered yesterday"
me: "no. that was two days ago"
Brend: (to the neighbor kid) "Hey, I don't remember... did I shower today?"
**met with ROARS of laughter by all of us**

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