Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Dad

What can I say about my dad that just ONE of these pictures doesn't cover?

*My kids love him... even if he is a relentless tease!

*Hard work & I are good friends because of what my dad taught me.

*I have many memories that have stuck with me over the years:
~horseback fishing trip into the Uintah's
~riding club meets in Heber, and the accompanying car trouble that seemed to come with trying to pull the horse trailer in our good old Dodge truck.
~watching dad try calf roping for the first (and last) time ever.
~having him at my ball games, and getting tips after the games.
~help with moving, rewiring lights, painting, and general fix-it man on the several houses we've lived in.
~trip to Louisiana, and getting to stop by the National Cowboy museum.
~singing TWANG TWANG TWANG to his music on the car stereo (my sarcastic ode to country music... which now I LOVE the old stuff he listened to then).
~driving through Denver and getting to eat at Casa Bonita.

Thanks Dad for all the memories, and for the love you have shown us.

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