Thursday, December 3, 2009

My life... in pictures

My life is a sum of pictures...
On days that I live without my camera, I have no record of existence.
Some of my children went from age 2 to age 4 without any days being recorded in between.
Those days are left to my fading memory, which... sadly...  fades faster as the years go by.  

I'm grateful for my camera... I love it.
I love seeing the images I remember (almost) as vivid as when I lived them.
They help me remember how fast babies turn to toddlers.
How quickly a teenage boy grows 6 inches.
How much I age, and so I better appreciate still having more brown hair than gray.
I am just praying that when I get to the other side,  I get handed a big photo album with all the moments I missed capturing carefully tucked inside it's cover.

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