Monday, November 30, 2009

my Achilles heel

I have weaknesses.
I mean, other than those of the mere mortal man. 
There are certain things that are so hard for me to resist. 
My husband knows.  Poor guy.

Bath & Body Works, most candle stores, and lotion places are kept in business by my type of people.  My husband has a category on our finances called "smelly crap".  No run of the mill smelly stuff will do either.  It has to be the GOOD stuff.  Salt City qualifies (top dog).  For Every Body (close second place).  Bath & Body Works wins the prize for best lotion "smelly crap".  So I'm a smell snob, what can I say?

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has the best caramel apples.  Hands down.  There is an apple pie flavor that I was given by a student a couple years ago, and that's when the love affair began (no, not with the student).  The kid did get bonus points in my book for the rest of the year. 

How can I not buy patterns?  There are so many cool patterns out there, and somehow by buying them, it makes me feel that in some way, I will (someday) get around to making them.  Ok.  Some haven't been touched in years, but the ones that do get used, get used.  Besides, if I buy them on the $1 pattern sale that comes around every so often... how expensive of a weakness can it really be??

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Mom L said...

Oh, to have such weaknesses. YOu're doing great, girl!

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