Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cabo San Lucas... heaven

WOW... what to say about this day?  It could not have been more perfect.  Hayden got his way, and we piled into a rented Jeep and took off for Chileno Bay up the coast about 20 minutes. It was so warm & beautiful!  I had to remind myself that back home it was a blizzard and 20 degrees. 
Everyone got in for some snorkeling (yes... even me, after some coaxing from Hayden).  There wasn't much coral to see, but the fish were incredible.  Aspen was not about to get near the waves and water since they had taken down her sandcastles in Puerto Vallarta.  

We ran into Hayden's parents when we got to the beach.  We did some exploring up the beach, and found some secluded beaches.  We vowed to make it back to Cabo by the time we had been here less than an hour. 
Brenden's one and only spot on his MUST DO list was Cabo Wabo... which is a cantina/bar/restaurant built and owned by Sammy Hagar (lead singer for Van Halen).  It was overpriced, but Brenden was IN HEAVEN! 

What a great day.  The last part of Cabo we saw on our way out was Land's End, which is the southern-most-point of the California Baja.


Mom L said...

I'll have to talk to you about the snorkeling bit. It's on our agenda for the Bahamas, and I'm really not too sure ....
Oh, this just looks like such a fun trip!!!! (Know I've said that before.)

Ryan and Debra said...

What a fun trip! I Love the picture of Aspen with the sweet! Glad you had a good time...I bet it's hard getting back into school...It seems like you always need a vacation after the vacation...Good Luck!

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