Tuesday, January 12, 2010

December Trip: DAY 2 - Fun Day at Sea

First day at sea... and we were not without things to do.  We had a balcony cabin right next to Hayden's parents and once Aspen figured this out she wanted boosted over the divider each time.  Oh if only things were that easy on a daily basis to be able to see our grandparents.

The best part about the first day is just figuring out your way around the ship, finding the things to see and do, and getting to know the servers at dinner.  We found a couple little shops on board, and Aspen found a little backpack with a barbie in it.  She found a wall of them, actually.  It was a fight to get her to settle for ONE instead of the 3 she was insisting on carrying around.

Everyone had their "thing" they loved to do.  Wade's was the video game room with Austin.  He also has been talking about mini-golfing since we took him 2 years ago... since he was expecting a mini-course on our last ship.  Brenden's place he could be found was on the court, or in the club.  He was quite the little friend finder.  I'd sneak in to deliver a message or to find him for something and he would be in the center or a big group of chairs with friends all around (mostly girls).  Pretty funny.  Aspen's favorite place, by far, was the glass elevators and the dance floor.  A lady would play the piano in the lobby and Aspen would run onto the middle of the floor and dance and dance.  This usually ended with us dragging her away... only by tempting her with some other COOL part of the ship.

We had a formal night this night at sea... and it is always fun seeing the boys get gussied up (Brenden is hillarious... a primping 16 year old boy!!!  Much fun to watch!)  Aspen learned at dinner, thanks to Grandma, how to "TOAST".  Grandma toasted to a good trip, and great people, and once the glasses clinked together, Aspen was hooked.  EVERY dinner, every meal, even chocolate milk containers and ice cream cones got "toasted" by touching them together.  She didn't make it to the end of dinner many nights.  She stayed so busy all day, and had so much fun in the kids club, that she ended up asleep in mine or Hayden's arms by the delivery of dessert.  FUN DAY!

Tomorrow:  another day at sea... heading toward Puerto Vallarta!!  Yay


Camille said...

I get warm just looking at your pictures....bring on the sun! I can't believe how old Aspen looks! I love her curls. My fav is the picture of her at the dinner table. :)

Mom L said...

What a fun way to spend the holidays! Aspen is just so dang cute! Bet she was a hit with everyone. Sorry big brothers, move on over. Those girls weren't there to see you, they wanted to see your baby sister!

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