Thursday, May 27, 2010

State... PR's... and top 10 finish

Brenden's state track this year was at BYU.   The first half of track season was spent out with injuries, so he was only able to run and train for the last few weeks of the season.  He was scheduled to run the 1 mile and 2 mile, one Friday morning the other on Saturday morning.  Friday morning was windy, cold and rainy... Saturday was much better weather. His best 1 mile run time (4:54) placed him 15th in the field of runners for lane placement for the one mile.  He finished 12th, with a time of 4:50.  Even with an improved time (a new PR) he wasn't happy with his finish.  (perfectionist)

Saturday morning was the 2 mile.  His lane placement had him 12th in the field (10:45).  Two of the kids that had beat him the previous day in the one mile were on his hit list for this race.  He ended up passing both of them in the last 200 yards because of his GREAT kick on his last lap.  His new PR in the 2 mile is now 10:24, and he placed 10th!!!  That's a 21 second improvement on an already CRAZY time. yay!  I am not sure who gets more nervous at these meets... him or me.


kimg said...

That is SO amazing! I love your photos too!

Kim said...

Your photos are awesome! And way to go!!!

WYO Smith's said...

Yay Brenden. Awesome times. I run that fast in my dreams. :) I know what you mean about the nerves. Hate it but it is so fun at the same time.

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