Thursday, September 16, 2010

I LOVE football!

I love fall.  I love wearing sweaters... love cleaning out my garden (well, not THE cleaning out part... but the NOT having to tend to it part).  I love running in the morning crisp air.  I love sleeping in a cool bedroom with a big fluffy comforter on top of me.  But what I REALLY love about fall (but don't get to do near enough) is attend football games.

Not just watch it on TV.  That doesn't count.  On TV I miss out on the roar of the crowd, the smell of all the wonderful stadium foods, the craziness of the fans, the cheerleaders leading the entire stadium in a cheer, and hearing the marching band (especially if we get to sit right next to them).

We went to meet Hayden after one of his bids in SLC, and saw all the Utah fans headed up to the game.  Wade hadn't been before, and I love to go... and Hayden loves to please... so we rounded up some tickets and went to the game.

AHHHHH... what to say about it?  It was wonderful (Utah won... that helped)!  Wade loved it.  He loved it so much he is even considering changing his after high school plans to include a college with a football team (instead of going directly to a culinary school).  Aspen even loved it... until she fell asleep in Hayden's lap.  She had an accident while she was asleep, and I had to go walking to have my pants dry off.  When Aspen woke up, she was not happy about her condition.  By the time Wade and I returned from our walk, Aspen was dressed from head to toe in a Utah cheerleader outfit.  Not sure if that was because it was the only item in the spirit store her size or if she requested it.

After the game, Wade and I loitered a bit on purpose.  Do you know how many Coke reward points there are lying around at the end of a football game????  A billion.  Well, maybe a few less then that, but not by much.   By the time we left, Wade had acquired 42 soda lids and I had 34.  Not too shabby for free points. 


Nathan and Shanna said...

I love to watch football too! What a fun memory for you and your kids!

Julie L said...

I'm impressed that you found tickets at the last minute! Looked like a really fun time for all of you, and that cheerleader outfit on Aspen is way cute (of course, everything on her is!)

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