Thursday, September 9, 2010


Brenden is a senior.  Brenden is a SENIOR????  CRAZY.  When did he get older?  Where is my little boy?  
What a great young man he has become.  This year he is senior class senator, cross country team captain, he plays drums in a band (Band of Stability), and plays drums for jazz band at the high school.   
He doesn't say much, usually giving me one word answers (or one syllable grunts as answers), but he is also a kid with a lot of heart.  He tries to be cool, but really, he wears his heart on his sleeve.
We had a great photographer take his pictures.  Thanks Amy Huntington!  She always does such a great job and is so easy to work with.


kimg said...

What great photos! He is such a handsome boy and looks so much like you! Ah, proud mom moments are the greatest!!

Nathan and Shanna said...

Wow Amy did a great job! And what a handsome boy you have!

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