Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving in Pictures.

Thanksgiving was in Roosevelt this year.  We had the boys this year (but not Morgan).  We went a day early and spent some time with mom and dad.  Dinner was at their church house, and Grandma Toni, Nate (and family), Darren (and family), Garrett and Audrey (and family) were in attendance. 

Aspen's favorite part of the entire trip was the treadmill and Grandpa Lynn's horses.  She did not want to get off the horse she was riding with Wade, even though it was bitter cold outside.
 Playing cars with Grandpa and Garrett.

Wrestling with the cousins.

 One of the things I the miss most about living away from Roosevelt... dad's horses.

The 2 horse-men and 1 wanna be horse-girl.
Treadmill chick!

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