Monday, December 6, 2010


Yeah, so I'm running a couple months behind schedule.
It occurred to me this week that I, in all reality, could post a picture and a small snippet without having to write a book.  So that is what I'll do for awhile... at least until I am a bit more caught up.
Halloween was a highly anticipated event this year for Aspen.  She liked to play pretend "trick or treating" and come begging for treats or prizes from me weeks before the holiday even arrived.  She would insist on wearing her costume as clothes for the day, as pajamas for the night, or to change in to once she got home for the day.  I'm mean, and didn't let her.

It was a cold but beautiful morning.  I got all ready to run from Ephraim to Manti and back in preparation for my half marathon quickly approaching, but realized I had forgotten my shoes.  Let me just say, there are not many great running shoe spots in Ephraim (or neighboring towns).  We dropped $80 on a pair of shoes that were pretty much the only ones in the store that resembled running shoes in my size, and I took off for Manti.

New shoes + 8 miles + trail running = DEAD DOG tired, sore knees (and blisters on the feet!).
Needless to say, I only made it TO Manti, and a mile back toward Hayden's parents' house before calling in the rescue crew to come pick me up.

We were able to get a few houses for trick or treating, but for the most part, it was really too cold to do much more than that.  We were directed to a trunk or treat, and definitely made the most out of our time with that stop.

Aspen would NOT let anyone touch her bucket of candy... but when she wasn't looking, everyone was helping themselves to her treats.  Dad tried to hide her bucket... which led to a small drama-queen incident.

The problem with this holiday is that the next day she wanted to go do Halloween all over again.
Thank heavens for an annual event!!


Julie L said...

That last picture is a classic! How funny! Thanks for posting - even if it was six weeks late.

kimg said...

Such a bummer about the shoes! This is definitely NOT the place to buy running shoes. Glad Aspen had fun! And thanks again for stopping by, it was very fun to see you! Let's do lunch next time you come so we can chat for a bit.

Lori said...

oh youch. That is the worst when you forget your shoes. That always ruins a vacation for me. I can't believe you still did 8 miles. You are amazing Tonia.

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