Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1st: "Self" Portrait

Not sure if having Aspen take them counts as SELF-portrait, but she wouldn't give me back the camera once I had it out.  
Can't believe it is already June.  
Brenden graduates tomorrow.  
My summer is well underway, and it has been cold this first week off.  
Most mornings have been in the upper 30's.
Time to get our summer bucket list figured out.


Lisa said...

You are gorgeous Tonia!!!!!!!

Julie L said...

Do I see a glimmer in your eyes? Could it possibly be because school is on the verge of being over and you have an entire summer ahead of you? Regardless of the weather, the break is real. Every year at this time of year I am so ready to be done with work for a few months. Must be a holdover from school days. I am in the wrong career for sure.

BriAnn said...

Cute! Your hair is getting so long! I hope you enjoy your summer. Missed going to LaGoon with you all this year. :)

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