Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Aspen's 4th Birthday Party

Aspen's 4th Birthday
When it comes to throwing parties... I am an EPIC FAIL.
Thank heavens for Monkey Island in Lehi. 
Invitations + cake + friends = SUCCESS!!

Aspen was able to see her friends from daycare that she had missed since summer began, and I was able to relax (if that is possible with 10 kids under the age of 5), take pictures, and check my email via wireless internet.

Monkey Island... thanks for redeeming my party-throwing reputation!


Debra said...

Happy Birthday Aspen! I didn't realize that she and Dustin would be in the same grade...Fun Party!

Julie L said...

Four years old going on, what, sixteen or twenty? Looks like a way fun party. Didn't know that place existed. Why didn't we take our grandkids there instead of Chuck E. Cheeses????

going gordon said...

So fun! She is SO cute!

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