Monday, November 7, 2011

Two Times the "FUN"

Remember back in July when my cat went missing?   
  When I paid $95 to get her out of the animal shelter...  
Then paid $70 at the vet when she was so sick and not eating...

She had been acting strange since she got home from the shelter.  
She hid in the tub and under Aspen's dresser.  
She wouldn't come downstairs, where she usually LOVED to hang out and hide.  
She wouldn't use her litter box.  
She slept with Aspen and not on my head, which was uncommon.
We fully expected her to not make it through the night after bringing her home from the vet, but she recovered and grew stronger.  
She kept attempting to sneak out of the house.

One night we are lying on bed and there she was... outside our bedroom window, begging to get in.
I let her in.

Fast forward two days.
We are sitting downstairs with the cat on our lap, when Aspen comes down and says "The cat is upstairs".
Yeah... we figured it was our all black cat, Mazda, who lives outside.
Aspen insisted it was the new cat, so I made her bring it down.
we saved a cat...
NOT our cat.
They look EXACTLY EXACTLY the same, except for one little piece of white on the our original cat's nose.
Now we have twin cats, the latter appropriately named.
Mica (the original) and POSER, the impostor cat.
Poser... with the black nose.
Mica... with a piece of white on her nose.
This is why Aspen loves the new cat.


going gordon said...

That is SOOO funny! My husband would have a cow. Glad things worked out. Now everyone's happy?

Julie L said...

Oh Poser is so so so lucky. That is a great story!

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