Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy #5 to My Little Spit-Fire

My little fire-cracker.
 Painter and artist (especially of animals and people).
Dare-devil and stunt man (hanging upside down on your swing by your legs with no hands)
Determined little gal.
Homesick after 3 days... yes, even at Grandma's house.
Daddy's little princess.
Trampoline master (still trying to not land on your head on your "flip")
Lover of going on walks... even when it's 92 degrees.
Particular little bugger... who REFUSES to wear any color of pant that doesn't match EXACTLY with her top (and jeans don't match ANYTHING).
Photogenic girl.
Runner wanna be.
Diva.  Fashionista. 
Creative little story teller.
Pouty little fits (onto her bed) when she doesn't get her way.
Chocolate milk lover.
Cuddle bug... kiss giver... affectionate.
Misses her dogs and her space when she is away.
Daddy's little fellow beach bum.
Her brother Wade's little shadow.
We sure love you.
Thanks so much for loving us... literally.

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Lori said...

She is adorable!! What a perfect little face. I've been loving the posts.

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