Saturday, June 9, 2012

I have a missionary!!

 The sure sign of aging... having your kids grow and leave off on their own adventures.  
Brenden entered the MTC on May 30 at 1pm, off on his own adventure.  He will spend two years in the Montreal Canada mission.  I don't get to see him as much as I would like, so I didn't think it would be as hard to see him go as it was.  I figured... hey, it'll just be like he hasn't come down to visit for awhile, right??
I was playing a game of scrabble with him about a week before he left, via my phone, and I sent my word to him and then thought "I won't even be able to do THAT when he leaves".  As dumb as it sounds, it was my reality check for how much I'll miss him.
His farewell was great.  He did a great job, and will be an awesome missionary.  He has already been made district leader for his group during his first week at the MTC.  Before he left, we had lunch at Chuck-a-Rama, said our goodbye's before we pulled up to the MTC, and then pulled in.  We dropped him off, gave him hugs, and off he went with some elders.
He has a blog:
I post his letters he sends there, and pictures along the way.
We miss him already.  So proud of him!
am I laughing or crying??

last glimpse of him for a few years
at the farewell


Julie L said...

I don't think there was anything that could prepare me for the heart tugs that hit me when I put my own guys into the MTC. What a mixture of emotions - so proud of the choices they were making, so homesick for them before they even made it out the door. But there is so much good that happens on a mission, both for the mission and for the missionary, that we can't complain. Just secretly go behind a closed door, pray a lot, and cry a little. He's already doing fantastic. And so are you, missionary Mom!

BriAnn said...

This is so awesome. Congrats momma! I just wanted to tell you hey and that I love reading about your adventures on here. So thanks for sharing. I hope you are having an awesome summer. I know those days go too fast...

going gordon said...

What conflicting emotions missions bring. I will be joining you in the spring. Both Sam and Dane will be leaving then. Double the fun. :/ What a good looking guy you've raised. Congrats on him being such good kid too.

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