Saturday, November 15, 2014

Begin Again...

I pulled out my blog books this past week, and started reading.  It was a fun read, a trip down memory lane, and a call to repentance.  So much has happened since I last posted that I feel that it is "lost" somewhere because it wasn't written down.  I've had a missionary come home and another ready to go out.  I've had a change in my job and school district, and I love so many parts of this change.  Our home life has changed, and Brenden is now living with Aspen and I at our same home in Lehi we've been in for ten years.  We lost two of our favorite animals this past year.  Toby had to be put down before last winter because of her arthritis and ability to walk.  Fred, our pekingese dog, had a cancer growth on her ear that got out of control and he had to be put down too.  This about broke poor Aspen's heart.  The week before we put Fred down, Aspen's dad brought home a boxer dog.  We named her Izzy, and she has been the best fit for us.  She runs with me every time I go (one time for an entire 10 miles), she plays with Aspen, and sleeps inside with us (when she gets lucky, she gets on the bed to sleep... but this usually means I don't get to sleep).

Anyway... lots of life changes.
Lots... and lots.
TONS, actually.

I'll be updating with changes as they come... and some of those that have already taken place.  I look forward to being able to print MORE books and be able to read them years down the road.

It's nice to be back.

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Leslie Harms said...

Yay for change and yay that you're blogging again! Happy New Year!

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