Saturday, July 5, 2008

WADE'S "Bucket" LIST: Gateway

At the end of every summer I always reflect back and wish I had done MORE with the kids, more with the summer, more with my days.  This year Wade and I got together at the first of the summer, and wrote down all the things that we wanted to do this year.  So far we have chalked off a few: put a puzzle together, took Fred to the dog park, made homemade root beer, rode scooters,  picnicked at a park,  went to a drive-in movie, cut Wade's hair,  went to the library, and went to the Mayan (restaurant) to eat.  

This week we went to Gateway to go through the water fountains.  Aspen did NOT like it one bit.  She got a little water on her, and started SCREAMING.  So while Wade went through the water, Aspen found the stairs and loved it.  Lunch after was at Rio Grande... one of our favorite, with Grandma & Grandpa Fraser.  

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