Sunday, September 7, 2008

A GREAT Weekend

What a great weekend.  Saturday started with an early bike ride, then breakfast at Einstein's, work at my school for awhile (Aspen LOVES running through the halls and bathrooms).  Hayden studied for awhile while I was working.  We met my parents for lunch at Pizza Factory (one of my favorites), and then home for a nap.  A trip for ice cream and a drive in the bronco (with the top off, of course) finished up the evening.  Sunday was another great day.  An early morning 4 miler, a shower and then headed to Salt Lake to visit Slick & Dave.  Aspen wasn't too sure about their 2 dogs... but she settled into her comfort level before too long.  Breakfast was bagels and fruit:  delicious!  We got to see Anna before she had to leave for work, and Aspen got to meet Anna's turtle. 
After breakfast, we went to the zoo with Slick & Dave.  Aspen loves the zoo, but this time she was able to WALK & RUN from one place to the other.  When she would come upon a new animal or something that she was curious about, she would crouch down and study it until it passed her test, and then move on to the next animal.
We slowly made our way from one place to another, until we took her on the carousel.  She has a new LOVE.  

After her carousel ride, we went to get a drink for her, and she would walk off toward the carousel clapping her hands and squealing with delight.  She is so fun to watch, and has a stubborn streak that can only come from her dad ( :D)  This we saw today when we tried to take her away from the carousel or away from the granite rolling water rock.  
She fell asleep while on the train.  What a fun day.  Thanks Slick & Dave for a great afternoon!  A walk around the neighborhood with Fred and Aspen finished off the night.  Tomorrow is the beginning of another week.  Life is good.
Aspen INSISTED on pushing the stroller with Slick, even though it was up a big hill!  Stubborn.


Di and Justin said...

Hey send me your email and I will send you an invite to our blog...
Can't believe we live this close and this is how we communicate :)


suelyn w said...

Cute blog! Aspen is adorable. If you want to make a collage go to then click on make a mosiac. You just have to download your pics and arrange how you want way easy.

nicole said...

Aspen is sooo photo genic. What a cutie!

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