Friday, September 19, 2008

Random Stuff

Been a crazy week here, so a quick update:  Got my hair cut and I love it.  Brenden ran at Kiwanis Park last weekend, and between his time that day, and the previous run, he was selected as ATHLETE OF THE WEEK at Bear River High School.  My son is an animal!  I'm so proud of him.   Found a shirt at his cross country meet I just HAD to take a picture of.

I have a run tomorrow in Midway and it's quite UPHILL for a good portion, so I'm a bit nervous about it.  I love running! 

Aspen had her 15 month appointment this week.  She weighed in in the 58%-tile, height was 98%-tile, and head circumference in the 96%-tile.  We have a tall skinny chick. She had to get a shot, which Hayden didn't want to come watch because he is hoping that the pain associated with shots gets associated with me taking her to the doctor.  She is a MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO girl.  Everything from drinking out of a pop bottle, to making dinner is done when she sees me doing it.  Her version of dinner is to take a pot and a measuring cup and bang it. Her new love is her HATS.  She will put them on her head and then go in front of the mirror and POSE and coo at herself.  

We are excited to find her a halloween costume.  Hayden thinks she needs to go as a gargoyle...  over my dead body.  I have found a couple ideas, many of which I have had patterns for for the past 17 years (scary... I know).  I posted a couple of the cutest ones.

Parent teacher conferences for me are tomorrow and next Wednesday (since I will be absent for the official conferences on Thursday).  I am hijacking Hayden and taking him to Vegas for his birthday.  His mom has offered to watch Aspen... so we should get some good sleep and have some GREAT people watching opportunities.

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