Saturday, September 20, 2008

OK, so MAYBE I am a runner

When does running go from something that you "do" to something that you "ARE"?  A year ago if anyone had asked me, I would have said that running was something that I did, but that I would definitely not consider myself "a runner".  I think I graduated to the status of "A RUNNER" today.
I have done a few races this summer with a couple friends, but my running partner (who is A RUNNER) got injured in June with a stress fracture, so I have been on my own.  It is a lot more difficult that I imagined.  Especially when I know a race is coming up, and Hayden has to leave early for studying... which has me running at 4:50am.  INSANE!  Still... I was not "A RUNNER" 
When I signed up for the Schutzenfest 5k I was warned that it was a tough, uphill trail/road run and would give me a run for my money.  YEAH.. Whatever (or so I thought).  This 5k RUN could have been more aptly titled the 5k HIKE.  The trail was uphill. I don't mean gradual, I mean UPHILL, like "up the side of a mountain" hiking trail.  The only saving grace of the race was the downhill section the last portion of the race.  I got a better time on this race than I did on my first race of the summer, but I paid for it too.  It is the closest I have come in a race to throwing up during the race, or passing out afterwards.  It was BEAUTIFUL terrain.  A rain shower came through while we were running, and the leaves on the trail were amazing.

How did I do?  Well, lets just say that after my results today... I think, just maybe, I am officially a runner.  1st place in my age division... not too shabby for an old lady :D  And I have a beautiful beer mug to show off as my prize.


karalyn White said...

awesome beer mug!

nicole said...

good job!! I know the feeling:) My girls had a blast!! I would do it again. Aubrey LOVED it!

TheTandyFamily said...

Hopefully one of these days I can call myself "a runner". I just don't think I could wake up at 4:50(you are so good!) I hope that you got my last comment about cameras (I answered it on my comment box). Anyway, if you didn't - I have a Canon Rebel XTI. It is a great camera! I also wanted to let you know that we will be back in Utah mid-December. No exact dates yet - sorry! Let me know if you still want to get pictures of your baby.

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