Sunday, October 12, 2008

Aspen's THINGS

Aspen is going to be 16 months this week, and she has PERSONALITY:

Some of her THINGS she loves:
*The green ring on the STACK TOYS (she will put them all on, and keep the green one)
*CLIMBING.  She figured out this weekend how to get up to the table
*Being outside... in summer, and in snow
*Reading books!
*Playing with tv remotes and cell phones
*WALKING anywhere... no cart for her at walmart
*Hats... especially her snow hats
*emptying boxes and climbing inside (or laundry baskets)
*helping to put laundry in the machine
*the zoo (loves MONKEYS!!)
*sit on the heater in the morning with her dad
*her soft fuzzy dog/blanket she cuddles and sleeps with
*water... no matter how COLD
*SHOES!  Anyone's
*Dancing.  If the radio goes on in the car or the house, she starts bouncing and keeping with the beat
*the trampoline... but mostly if DAD will jump with her
*playing PATTY-CAKE and giving high-fives (taught to her by Misty, her sitter)

Things she HATES:
*getting in the carseat
*having her face cleaned
*being told NO

She is so much fun.  Lately, when she wants something, or should I say DEMANDS something, she says MAMA MAMA MAMA.  Drives her mama crazy, and we can't wait til she can vocalize her demands a little bit more.


The H E N R I E Seven said...

I laughed when I read what she hates, Aubrey has hated the carseat from day one! I am still waiting for her to verbalize a little more...she is so independent as well! The next step, potty training and at least she is interested, she takes her own clothes off to go. Ava was 3 1/2 before that step was accomplished!

nicole said...

She is so cute. Aren't they just so fun. And it's a good thing too.

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