Sunday, October 26, 2008

Marching Band for Brenden

When I get a call that says one of the kids is in town... I'M THERE, so when Brenden called and said he was coming into Provo for a marching band competition I drove home after school, grabbed Aspen, and drove back to Provo to watch him play.  We got there just in time to see him in the parking lot before they went in to play, so we ran and grabbed a ticket and found a row for Aspen to play in... which she LOVED.
Once the band started playing, she was MESMERIZED!  She just kept watching til the last note was played, and when everyone else clapped and whistled for their performance, Aspen clapped too.  While we were waiting for Brenden to come out, Aspen was transfixed by the big cougar statue that was on the corner of the stadium, so we went over to explore... and she got to climb to get there too... so she loved it.
Brenden came out wearing his drum... Aspen thought it was pretty cool.

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