Friday, December 17, 2010

Back on the Bandwagon

I started charting my exercise/weight/calories on May 5th using  I thought I had been doing a good deal to stay trim... eating yogurt and a banana for breakfast, low calorie lunch, and running.  Once I started counting calories, I started realizing how many I consume between 3pm and dinner... and at dinner... and afterwards.  

fast forward 6 months...
I have dropped 21 pounds since then, even getting as close as 2 pounds away from my goal-weight.  The weight when I met Hayden (when I thought I was heavy... ha ha ha). 
I found different snacks from 3pm til dinner.
I  exercised consistently (which gives me bonus calories to "spend").
I gave up soda (even my diet coke... sob sob) and any drink other than water.
I ate smaller portions.
I logged it all.

Large: April, 2010... 196 lbs.  Small: 6 months later @175 lbs.

Well, as the cycle goes... and as it has gone through the history of time... 
I get comfortable where I am... 
get lazy, 
and start to let things slide.  
I stood on the scale this week.
It scared me.
I'm back on the bandwagon.
Back doing what works.
Counting calories... exercising... eating better.

Now what to do with all these darn Christmas treats :)


Julie L said...

Thanks for giving me focus to do the same. I want to reach my New Year's goal - 4 lb away from it right now, so I'd better get real busy!

kimg said...

your commitment continues to amaze! you are my idol. (i think i've said that before).

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