Tuesday, December 7, 2010

sometimes you just have to RUN!!! (faster)

This race was originally supposed to be me and my running buddy.  She got injured... so I was flying solo on this one (however, her husband did run... and kept me company before the race).  
My previous best time was 2:05.  I've been doing good lately just to keep my pace under a 10 minute mile pace, which is 6mph.  Lately, I've been running with Jocelyn, who has kept my pace fast, and my motivation high.  She ran the Halloween half the weekend before my race, in 2:00.18.  
Oh man... I'd love to get that score.
Without any speed-work, and not many tempo runs, I was pretty sure it would be out of my reach to beat her time, let alone my previous best.  
 There were a couple people I scoped out before the race, one that was wearing basketball shoes, practice jersey and basketball shorts.  Dude... If I lose to that guy... I'll quit running.  (yeah... I need to figure out how to tone down my competitive nature). I started off feeling pretty good.  I had made a quick tempo playlist to run to, and had my phone app (my tracks) that informed me every 5 minutes what my distance, time, and pace was.   The first time I hear it, it said my pace was 7.4 mph.
7.4 mph????
That's an 8:06 pace!!!
Dang... talk about motivation.  I kept it going, but as I approached mile 8, I was down to 7.2 (8:20 pace).  The hardest miles are always 11-13, and this was no exception.  I knew I totally had the potential to beat my previous record, but I was BEAT... out of gas!  I was dragging myself at mile 12, even walking up a little rise of a hill.  I texted Hayden and asked him what the clock time was at the finish line, when I had 1/2 mile left.  
I tried to PUSH myself to get there faster, or pass someone, but I had nothing left.  Even the finish line was forever away, and I just remembering looking up at the clock thinking it was getting ready to switch over to 2 hours, and realizing what I thought was 1:59 was 1:56.  WOO HOO!!  Not only had I bested my previous time... by 8 minutes, I had pushed through to beat Jocelyn's time (which is a big deal to me because she is fast!).  My final pace was 8:59 per mile. 
How?  I don't know... because since I have been home, I find it hard to manage a 9:40 pace, let alone anything under 9.  It's crazy that I did it.

It was by far the MOST beautiful run I have ever done... short or long runs.  I am hoping it is on my annual list of runs to participate in.  It was especially beautiful because my two daughters and my hubby were waiting for me at the finish line.  We were able to stay at my parent's house in St. George, and had a great time hanging out together.  Thanks for nursing my poor sore muscles back to health Hayd!


Sumner Family said...

That's such a sweet picture of Morgan and Aspen. Oh and yeah you're FAST too!

kimg said...

wow! you never cease to amaze me (and make me feel like a lazy butt)! congratulations! you are fantastic!

Calvin said...

ok, I am soooo lazy

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