Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 8: Something I crave

If we are talking food... then it would have to be these little morsels of orange goodness.  Not sure what it is about these things that makes them so delicious.  I really try to not eat an entire box... even have to hide it from myself sometimes (out of sight-out of mind SOMETIMES does work).  I tried the lower-fat kind.  Yeah... not the same.
As far as something other than food... I just crave SPRING.
The smell of OUTSIDE, playing with Aspen at the park, going outside (without a coat), taking dogs for a walk, using my super-duper yard blower, and working in the garden.
Oh... not to mention, running in 60+ weather.


Julie L said...

Good cravings, Tonia. This time of the year I think we are all with you on the craving warm weather bit. The sun looks so inviting and then you step outside and there's that chill that reminds us, nu uh uh, not yet my friend. Not yet.

But it is coming. I have faith in that.

Nathan and Shanna said...

I would totally have to agree with you! Hope we actually get a Spring this year.

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