Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 6: A fun fact about me

I once entered a pageant once (twice, actually)... and actually won (once).
Shocker, I know.
I had entered with a friend who had suggested that I play the accordion (yes, I once knew how to play the accordion) and she would blow bubbles as our combined talent.  Our version of Lawrence Welk.
Thank heavens the pageant I did win did not have a swimsuit competition, otherwise that might have changed the outcome of the entire thing.
The best part was being able to go to the Jr. Miss pageant on the state level... that and the nice little scholarship from Utah State.

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Julie L said...

Serious? I am in awe! That is definitely a fun fact to know about you. Do you still have your accordion? I think the bubbles bit is hilarious! but I'd love to hear you play the instrument. - Another fun fact!

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