Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 9: Pet Peeves

Pet peeves...

Not many.

  1. The word: ANYWAY... it does NOT have an "S" on the end.
  2. People who are late (or do not show up at all)... or don't call and let you know they are running late.
  3. People who drag out meetings with pointless questions (that have already been answered the previous 15 times they asked them)
  4. Not knowing how to say THANK YOU
  5. Slow drivers... and crazy fast drivers.


Julie L said...

Totally totally agree - who wouldn't? Unfortunately, I'm one that is always late. One of my bad habits I HATE, one I'm trying to overcome, but one I'm still struggling with.

going gordon said...

We share many of the same pet peeves. Esp. the one about late people. grr!

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