Thursday, May 12, 2011

A bunch of FIRSTS

 We got to spend Easter in Ephraim with Hayden's parents.  We drove down early enough to make it to the egg hunt, but because of the weather, it ended up being more of a candy hand out.  Aspen had never done an egg hunt, never seen an easter bunny before, nor have we colored eggs before.  After the egg hunt we had breakfast at the bowling alley, and Aspen was not going to let us get out of there without playing at least one game.  It was so much fun.  She somehow thought that punching the bowling ball would help it get down the lane more effectively.  She ended up beating me by 1 point.  Beginners luck.


Julie L said...

That last picture is hilarious! I'd hate to think of the pain if she really did punch the ball that hard!

going gordon said...

Was that easter bunny was a little freaky or was it just me? Love the bowling alley photos. We know that place! How have you never done Easter eggs and stuff before??

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