Friday, May 13, 2011

If at first you don't succeed...

1 lap remaining of 1 mile.  Wednesday May 11, 2011
Sometimes the most valuable lessons don't come from our accomplishments or achievements.  They come from what happens when things don't go the way we want them or planned them to go.

Brenden had region track at Ben Lomond High school this week, and was running the 1 mile on Wednesday and the 2 mile and 800 meter on Thursday.  I am a nervous parent, especially when I can not be at an event.  I think I called or texted him relentlessly that afternoon until he finally returned my call.  He was slated to take first in the 1 mile.  He WAS taking first in the 1 mile... at lap 3 (picture above) and as he was coming in to the final stretch of lap 4.  With 10 yards to go, he ran out of gas, and tripped and fell onto the track, with two runners one step behind him.  Only the top 4 runners in each event get to proceed to state finals.  Brenden, with his arm scraped up and his plans of winning now evaporated, got up from the ground, started running again, and still qualified for state by coming in 4th.

The next day he ended up squeezing out a win in the 2 mile in a tight race at the finish and qualified for the 800 by coming in 4th place, but for me, region this year was more about the race on the first day.  I am so proud of him and how he is such a determined person.   So amazed that he came back fighting the next day even more determined to make his mark and make up for his fall.  I love you bud.  Good luck at state next week!
START of 2 mile
LAP 3 of 2 mile race

Last 10 yards of 2 mile.

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Wow!! I am so impressed! Congrats to him!

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