Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Graduation. Dirty Dash. Les Mis.

 I only have one picture from my graduation (and not a very good one at that), so I tend to make up for it by taking too many of my own kids and events.  I made Brenden a lei with treats and I threw in some much needed headphones for his Alaskan adventure this summer.  It was fun to see him show his necklace and headphones off to friends, because he doesn't say much to me about whether or not he likes things... I have to go by his interactions with his friends.  It was a hit.
showing off the goods to Landon Hobbs
getting his handshake from principal Gary Allen
THE GUYS:  Benjy Christensen, Kallton Josephson and Brenden
 We stayed at University Inn while we were up north. What would a graduation in Logan be without a little overnight stay and some fun?  I, of course, had to show off the Alva C. Snow hall to my kids and in-laws.  Top it off with Aggie ice cream and it was a perfect stay.

Graduation was on Thursday...
Brenden arrived in Lehi Friday night around midnight...
Saturday was my dirty dash race at 10 and a broadway production of Les Mis at 2.  I drug Brenden along to the race to be our photographer, but couldn't help but see a prime opportunity for some mother/son crazy fun.  After rounding up some too-large shoes from the donation pile and giving Brenden one of the 2 pairs of shorts that I wore to the race, he was set to be one of our runners on our team.
What a MUDDY, fun, MESSY race!
Brenden wasn't about to sit around and wait for all of us slow people, so he took off.  As I saw him on a looping part of the course around mile 2, he said "hurry up, I'll wait for you at the top of the slide".  When I came up to the top of the hill, he threw me into the mud.  We checked the time at this point and it was 11:30.  We had tickets to Les Mis at 2pm and still had to get home and shower, but we couldn't go down the big slide until our team had all caught up with us.  I was getting nervous.
The last muddy puddle just before the finish line was a bit suspicious.  Anyone who grows up on a farm knows the smell of cow poop from a mile away, and this smelled strangely familiar to this farm girl.  I did not spend any extra time in it, that is for sure.
before (notice Brenden's BLUE shirt)
no blue left on Brenden's shirt

Fun amazing race.  So glad to have shared this with Brenden.  But now... the real race was on.
12:15... back to our car
12:45... pulled in to Lehi (covered in mud)
1:25... pulled out of the driveway
1:55... parked the car 2 blocks away from Capitol Theater
2:00... ran into the theater and the ushers said "30 seconds to doors closing"
found our seats and sat down, and the production began.
It doesn't get much tighter, time-wise, than that!!
What to say about Les Mis?  The scene changes were amazing.  The singing was awesome.  Sharing it with Brenden (who had not been to this production before) was the best part.  He was scheduled to leave for Alaska 3 days later, and it was so nice to just have mom solo time.
Topped off the evening with dinner with Hayden, Wade and Aspen at Macaroni Grill.
Perfect Day!!
Crazy fun filled day.


Julie L said...

Pletts told us about that race last year. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Hard to believe the summer is almost over and it barely began. Love the graduation photos. Congratulations to Brenden! How much longer is he in Alaska?

So grateful taking pictures is so easy now. (And to think I drug my heals so much before we got our first digital camera!)

We really enjoyed Les Miz too. It was interesting to see the change in scenery and the different take on some of the music even, and the performances. I always love that show.

going gordon said...

That did look like a crazy fun day! Can't believe how dirty you were!

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