Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer recap... part 1

 School starts again for me on Wednesday and, as always, I start bemoaning the fact that summer has come to an end.  It has been a great summer.  The first two weeks were PERFECT, with hikes and water park, Las Vegas, 4th of July celebration, and just plain relaxation.  The last week... not so much.  Not because of anything that happens, but just because I start feeling sad that it is almost over, sad that once school starts the weather changes and winter is just around the corner.  Sad that chilling with Aspen and hanging with Wade is now deduced to just the weekends.

So... instead of sitting and worrying that my last two days aren't going to be "full" enough to get all the things left on our summer TO-DO list fit in, I'm going to highlight how great this summer has been.
 4th of July was fun this year, because it was on a Monday.  This meant that some fireworks shows were held on Saturday, some on Sunday, and some on Monday.  This was just fine with Aspen, who could have done fireworks every night.  We bought a little pack, and she and Wade lit them on Sunday night.  Aspen was so excited, she kept doing her "pose" (one hand on hip and sticking her hip off to one side) and singing "OH YEAH, it's fireworks time... It's OUR fireworks time"
 Monday was the big fireworks show, so we headed to Sugarhouse park.  Aspen did not get very far away from Wade the entire time he was here.  She is his little buddy, and he is her hero.  She doesn't let a day go by when she isn't sitting on his lap, climbing on his back, dragging him along to jump on the tramp or play dolls.  He is a great sport.
 Gateway is always one of our favorite summer stops.  Aspen is always tentative about getting wet, but after 5 minutes is usually drenched from head to toe.  She found a friend while there this time, and he was really excited to get his picture taken.  I got a couple pics of the two of them together, but the best shot was him showing off for the camera.


Julie L said...

The one great plus to working with the schools is having summer break. But I can imagine it still goes by way too fast! Glad you've had such a fun one this year. Enjoy those last two days!

going gordon said...

That is a good perspective. I need to do that too, cuz I'm SO sad school's starting. I hope you get lots of 'to do' stuff done these next couple hours. I start a week later than you. REALITY CHECK :( BTW did you get Aspen's nightgown at the Coop here?

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